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What symptom does proctitis have how to treat?

Do you know about your gut? I know that I have several kinds of intestines, and what are their responsibilities and characteristics? Many readers may have been confused by this series of questions. We may still have some superficial understanding of gastrointestinal diseases, and we can say that we don't know about our own intestines. To know the health of the intestine is also very important, ah, we only understand the situation of the intestine, in order to better understand the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Today, we should be familiar with the small intestine, but we are unfamiliar with the rectum and colon. Since we are going to popularize science, let's talk about the rectum. Speaking of rectum, it is necessary to talk about proctitis, and the incidence rate of proctitis is not comparable to that of enteritis. Many people are suffering from proctitis. Obviously, proctitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the rectum. The cause of inflammation of the rectum is the same as that of inflammation of the small intestine, both of which are caused by parasites and bacteria.

Proctitis patients because of infection will appear dyspepsia and diarrhea symptoms, some of the more serious proctitis patients in the disease attack, but also accompanied by colic. It can be said that proctitis attack is also very fierce, but we do not have to be afraid, proctitis is more fierce, as long as there is ZL stachyose in hand, we have no need to be afraid.

Daily consumption of zangling stachyose, through the feeding of beneficial bacteria, can accelerate the intestinal movement, defecate timely and smoothly, eliminate the rotten harmful substances from the body quickly, and supplement more food for probiotics in the body. Daily consumption of zangling stachyose can make the quality of life more vigorous.