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Intractable constipation treatment can try this method

Constipation is very uncomfortable, can be said to be very uncomfortable, but now many people suffer from constipation, especially the elderly constipation is often higher than the number of teenagers. Elderly constipation attack is usually intractable constipation, so what is intractable constipation? Next, listen to the popular science!

Intractable constipation is a long-term, chronic functional constipation, mostly in the elderly. It is generally believed that it is a functional gastrointestinal disorder, that is to say, there is no physical lesion, which may be due to the elderly's willingness to tolerate defecation, forming a vicious circle, which is a kind of habitual constipation. This also tells us that we should not often tolerate defecation, which will become habitual constipation if we are not careful.

There are many causes of obstinate constipation, which are generally caused by intestinal inflammation, unreasonable diet structure of the elderly, long-term mental tension, high pressure, gastrointestinal peristalsis disorder or some drugs. So how to solve stubborn constipation? How to help the elderly solve the problem of constipation? The method is below!

For intractable constipation, there are generally the following methods, the first is biofeedback method, in the rapid timing of defecation, it is appropriate to clear the intestines first. That is to use normal saline enema to clean the intestines, which is a commonly used method of intractable constipation. The second is diet therapy. Pay attention to adjusting the diet structure in daily diet, eating more coarse grains and fruits rich in cellulose, and drinking more water and supplying enough water. Introduce a good recipe for intractable constipation, that is, bananas are coated with honey, and drink it daily on the stomach in the morning, and drink 200 to 300 milliliters of warm boiling water, which can effectively defecate.

The third is mainly to maintain the intestines and stomach, mainly to regulate the intestinal flora. One bag of zangling stachyose in the morning and one bag in the evening can target to regulate the balance of flora and restructure the benign micro ecological environment. At the same time, 'zangling stachyose' has strong water absorption, which can increase the water content in defecation and make it easy to be discharged from the body. Finally, I want to remind you to keep your body and mind happy!