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Harry Potter mobile game will go online. How many months will it go online?

Original title: how to obtain IOS internal test qualification for Harry Potter mobile games

When does the IOS internal test of Harry Potter mobile game start? Have everyone got the Harry Potter mobile wand? Wechat can ask Oliver to get a magic wand of his own if you make an appointment for Harry Potter mobile game. Here's how to get the qualification of IOS in Harry Potter mobile games for players. Let's have a look.

IOS internal test qualification obtaining method

How to obtain IOS internal test qualification

1. Log in to the official website, that is, yesterday's wechat got the wand page

2. After obtaining the magic wand, go to Weibo and take the screenshot of the magic wand you have obtained, post the micro blog in the magic awakening hypertext of Harry Potter and take the topic of Harry Potter walking tour to introduce your magic wand to you

3. @ official micro blog of Harry Potter magic awakening.

IOS internal test qualification rules

Rules and rewards:

1. The activity will end on November 6, and the results will be published in a unified way in the future;

2. This activity will randomly select 50 lucky wizards to participate in the first IOS small-scale technology test (open in the near future, please look forward to it).

Welcome to Hogwarts! Are you ready for the adventures of Harry Potter: the awakening of magic?

The above is how to obtain the qualification of IOS internal test for Harry Potter mobile games. I hope the players will like it.