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How is intestines stomach cold treated better

If you feel the symptoms of stomachache, diarrhea, dizziness and vomiting, going to the toilet to defecate many times in a day, and having no strength all over, you are likely to have a cold in your stomach. Gastroenteric cold is different from common gastroenteritis. Although their symptoms are similar, they have their own characteristics. If we use simple antidiarrheal drugs to treat it, it will be counterproductive, so we should suit the remedy to the case.

If you have a bad stomach at ordinary times, you are more likely to have a cold. You can drink more yoghurt to increase the number of probiotics in your body. You can also eat zangling stachyose to provide sufficient food for bifidobacteria that live in your intestines, which is very helpful for the maintenance of your stomach and intestines at ordinary times. There are external stimulation and other factors, the weather changes more often, we should pay special attention to.

Diet is a very important aspect. If you are not a good friend, you should pay more attention to it. Eat more light and easy to digest food, such as noodles, wonton, millet porridge and so on, these semi liquid or liquid food will not bring burden to the stomach. Eat less or less hard foods, such as nuts. This kind of food that is not easy to digest will increase the workload of the intestines and stomach.

Eat more fruits and vegetables can effectively treat gastrointestinal cold. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often rich in vitamins and minerals, with trace elements necessary for human life support activities. When eating fruit, you should pay attention to peel the fruit that can be peeled as much as possible. Because some fruit farmers will use pesticides to kill insects, so there are often many pesticide or bacterial residues on the peel.

Besides eating, it is necessary to have a good rest. Work and rest time should be regular, go to bed on time, go to bed early and get up early. Don't go to bed too late, don't stay up late, to ensure adequate sleep time, generally speaking, no matter how late you are, you should go to sleep before 11 pm. Scientific experiments have proved that if you go to bed after 11 o'clock, the harmful substances and garbage in your body will be difficult to discharge.