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How to quickly relieve viral gastroenteritis

Have you heard about viral gastroenteritis? Viral gastroenteritis in the attack is actually very painful, it will lead to severe abdominal pain, and there will be nausea and vomiting, and even accompanied by the emergence of high fever, especially afraid of cold, clothes added one by one. So how did we get this viral gastroenteritis? Here is the time for Xiaobian to explain to you.

Viral gastroenteritis is mainly caused by the virus infection of digestive tract diseases, it is the symptoms of onset is quite obvious. So how do we treat this viral gastroenteritis? The first thing we need to do is find out where the virus came from. Generally speaking, virus infection is completely inseparable from our usual eating habits. Love to eat some roadside stalls, those spicy and greasy food will cause varying degrees of damage to your stomach.

There is also cold food, especially raw food without high temperature treatment, bacteria and viruses are left in the food, eating it was brought to the stomach. How should viral gastroenteritis be treated? Since we have the virus in the body, we should do antiviral treatment. We can take ribavirin for antiviral treatment. If we have diarrhea symptoms, we can take Smecta.

Gastrointestinal disease is the most important prevention and maintenance, so in this remind the stomach is not good friends, diet avoid spicy stimulation, avoid alcohol and tobacco, after dinner abdominal massage, walking, ban strenuous exercise, do not stay up late, pay attention to the stomach warm. It is very helpful for the maintenance of the gastrointestinal tract to supplement the beneficial bacteria in the body in the food therapy method of bad intestines and stomach. Daily consumption of zangling stachyose can provide sufficient food for bifidobacteria settled in the intestines.