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How to cause enterogastric cold?

Most people are unfamiliar with the concept of gastrointestinal cold. After all, how good a cold is is related to the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, many people don't understand the true meaning of gastrointestinal cold. How can they know more about it? Today's news editor will talk about how the gastrointestinal cold is caused and how to treat it.

First of all, let's briefly explain the meaning of the four words "gastrointestinal cold", which makes many people confused. Gastrointestinal cold is not just a bad stomach, nor is it just a cold, but a bad stomach and a cold appear at the same time, and the appearance of a cold is caused by a bad stomach, which is the meaning of gastrointestinal cold. But, why can intestines and stomach bad cause cold? First of all, we have to understand the causes of bad stomach. People with bad stomach are generally infected with bacteria and parasites. These bacteria and parasites will not only disturb the internal balance of the stomach, but also attack the probiotics in the stomach. If there is such a chaotic situation in the stomach, the digestive ability of the stomach will be difficult to improve. Bad stomach is due to the infection of harmful bacteria and parasites, these bacteria and parasites may also cause bacterial cold, which is the cause of gastrointestinal cold.

How should gastroenteric cold be treated? Gastrointestinal cold should not be the focus of treatment on the cold, but to focus on the cause of all the gastrointestinal bad.

Remind friends with bad stomach, avoid spicy food, avoid alcohol and tobacco, abdominal massage after meals, walking, etc., prohibit strenuous exercise, do not stay up late, pay attention to keep the stomach warm. To promote digestion and regulate the intestinal tract, you can supplement some microecological agents to help you improve the intestinal flora. However, if you want these beneficial bacteria to be stable and lasting, you can come to a bag of zangling stachyose sooner or later to help. Zangling stachyose can quickly proliferate gastrointestinal beneficial bacteria, regulate the balance of intestinal flora and gastrointestinal internal environment, and improve the poor condition of the gastrointestinal tract.