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Gastroenteritis daily attention to this than taking medicine

Stomach disease can be said to be a great pain for many people nowadays, especially for those who eat, because if you suffer from stomach disease, it proves that you have no chance with delicious food in recent years, because it means that you have to live a long time as a nun. Why do you say that you are a nun? Because you can only eat vegetarian, isn't this a nun? In particular, this rule is a big blow to those friends who don't like spicy food, but in other words, those who don't like spicy food are most likely to suffer from stomach disease, because the most common stomach disease is gastroenteritis, which is caused by stimulation of the stomach.

Take myself as an example. Before I went to high school, I was also the kind of person who didn't like spicy food. But maybe I ate too much, which led to gastroenteritis and I couldn't eat any more. Therefore, life was not like death at that time, but it was a necessary disaster. I only blame myself for eating too much before. But when it comes to the treatment of gastroenteritis, I can still be said to be more experienced, why? Because I have this disease myself, I still have some experience.

To share with you a particularly effective method, that is to drink porridge, because gastroenteritis is due to your stomach, because you eat a lot of irritating things, resulting in damage to the gastric mucosa, so ZL gastroenteritis is the most important stomach, when it comes to stomach, of course, to drink porridge, I would like to drink porridge for almost a month that year, but the effect is really great, but still need to be improved After all, it's not only to nourish but also to cure.

At the same time, gastrointestinal problems can easily lead to halitosis. Helicobacter pylori is prone to produce sulfide substances, which can lead to halitosis. Constipation is caused by abnormal fermentation in the body, such as stool. In this case, it is recommended to have a bag of zangling stachyose in the morning and evening. Zangling stachyose is a kind of nutrient solution for beneficial bacteria in the body, which can be used 100 times faster Proliferation of beneficial bacteria to inhibit and remove harmful bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, can also help clean up the garbage in the intestine, stool and so on, let the intestine often clear, very good for gastrointestinal problems.