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The way to treat enteritis is here

When it comes to enteritis, I don't know if you will think of your painful experience of getting sick at the beginning. It was good before, and your stomach began to colic. If you have skin injury, you can apply some medicine, but you don't know where it is in your stomach. It's really uncomfortable. Now a lot of people have enteritis, how should enteritis treat after all everybody knows? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Enteritis is divided into acute enteritis and chronic enteritis, viral enteritis and bacterial invasive enteritis. In fact, viral enteritis generally does not need pathogen treatment, can wait for the body to heal itself. Generally, antibiotics should not be used casually for bacterial invasive enteritis. To see a doctor, let the doctor prescribe medicine for you, their rash medication for the treatment of enteritis may also be harmful. Enteritis can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, mild dehydration and vomiting is not heavy, you can drink more water.

If you have diarrhea more than ten times a day, you should pay attention. You are in a serious situation. At this time, you need not only to drink more water, but also to supplement some glucose. You can drink oral glucose solution to supplement the electrolyte lost in your body. During this period can not eat supplements, gastroenteritis patients have just been stimulated, gastrointestinal tolerance is still relatively poor, excessive tonic, is to increase the burden of the stomach, which is likely to aggravate the disease.

Remind friends with bad stomach, avoid spicy food, avoid alcohol and tobacco, abdominal massage after meals, walking, etc., prohibit strenuous exercise, do not stay up late, pay attention to keep the stomach warm. If you want to promote digestion and regulate the intestinal tract, you can also supplement some microecological agents to help you improve the intestinal flora. However, in order to make these beneficial bacteria stable and lasting, we still need to drink zangling stachyose sooner or later to help. Zangling stachyose can quickly proliferate beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, regulate the balance of intestinal flora and the internal environment of the intestine and stomach, and improve the bad situation of the intestine and stomach. Do you know all these methods? See the article friends must try Oh, really effective.