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Got duodenal ulcer is how to return a responsibility? How to treat better

When it comes to duodenal ulcer, many people think it's strange, because the name of duodenum is quite cold, and the name of intestinal tract is better than the common intestines such as large intestine and small intestine. Second, they think duodenal ulcer sounds terrible, because it's ulceration after all. It's not a simple wound on the finger, but also the environment of intestinal tract It's quite special. In other places, it can only be regarded as a small wound. It may be a great event to put it in the intestines, not to mention the ulceration of the intestines.

In peacetime, even if the surface of the skin ulceration is scary enough, intestinal ulceration, to say, is really scary enough. We should not be too afraid. First, we will not let you go if we are afraid of the disease. Second, although duodenal ulcer is relatively serious, it is not a incurable disease. As long as we find the right treatment, we can also recover.

If you want to find a way to treat duodenal ulceration, you must first know the cause of duodenal ulceration. Duodenal ulceration is generally caused by intestinal infection with bacteria and parasites. There are generally three cases of duodenal infection with bacteria and parasites. One is because you don't pay attention to the sanitary conditions when eating, use unclean tableware or eat unclean food The second is not paying attention to self-control when eating and eating too much at once. The third is not listening to the doctor's advice when taking some medicine and eating too much at one time, which makes the bacteria in the intestinal tract confused.

Zangling stachyose is recommended for the treatment of duodenal ulcer. After zangling stachyose promotes the recovery of intestinal microecology, the number of harmful bacteria is controlled in a very small range, the toxin produced is reduced or disappeared, Helicobacter pylori loses the basis of growth and reproduction, the gastric mucosa is nourished and repaired, and the inflammation is alleviated or eliminated, so as to promote chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer The recovery of intestinal ulcer, so as to solve the problem of digestive tract.