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Wang Yuan pleads bravely in response to the smoking incident and accepts criticism from netizens

Original title: Wang Yuan responds positively to the smoking scandal: I have my own life, and I have to solve all problems by myself on October 31, Wang Yuan took part in an interview. Wang Yuan, dressed in a black suit, talked gracefully and looked mature. This time, four months later, Wang Yuan replied positively for the first time about the early smoking incident.

Wang Yuan replied: "my first thought at that time was to apologize as soon as possible, because I was wrong and accept the punishment as soon as possible, because there are regulations in Beijing, I violated the regulations, and I smoked indoors, which is my mistake. I hope you don't learn from me. It's really a bad thing, hurting your body.". It has to be said that Wang Yuan's attitude in this aspect is quite correct.

At the same time, Wang Yuan said: everyone is a living person. In fact, I have my own life, but I am a positive image from the beginning. I can only say that I didn't show my false side in front of the camera, and I didn't cheat anyone. '

After the smoking scandal, Wang Yuan also confessed that he had grown up, and understood that as an adult, he knew what consequences he would bear after what he did, all consequences had to be borne by himself, and all problems had to be solved by himself. It seems that Wang Yuan experienced a lot after smoking, and learned to face and deal with it.

Previously, Wang Yuan was photographed smoking indoors in Beijing. While chatting, Wang Yuan happily puffed out smoke. The posture of holding a cigarette in his hand seemed to be very skilled. At first sight, it was the old cigarette gun. It was totally different from the good little boy in front of the camera.

After the incident was exposed, Wang Yuan also made a statement of apology at the first time. As a public figure, Wang Yuan knowingly smoked indoors when he knew there were regulations, which really brought a bad demonstration to the society.

Before the smoking scandal, Wang Yuan was photographed flipping over a guardrail with Wei Dahun on the road. Wang Yuan was also criticized by netizens for "not abiding by public morality", which even insulted Wang Yuan's title of "youth image ambassador". As a public figure, Wang Yuan made mistakes again and again, which should be reflected on.

At present, Wang Yuan has successfully enrolled in the world's top Berkeley Conservatory of music with his own efforts, and has also become the primary brother of Wang Leehom, Ouyang Nana, etc. Wang Yuan also often exposes his daily life on Weibo, in good condition, hoping that Wang Yuan can cultivate himself and improve his self-cultivation with music in the atmosphere of art and music.