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Is chronic enteritis better than acute enteritis? Don't you know that

Many of us will take the meaning literally, that is to say, when we see some nouns, we will directly understand the sentences according to our own judgment. But many times, because of the special background of these nouns, the real sentences are often different from what we understand. Let's say it's chronic enteritis and acute enteritis. They are both enteritis. It's a word difference. They look very similar. Some people think that there is no difference between chronic enteritis and acute enteritis except for their names. But if there is no difference, why separate them by two different names?

There are also people who think that chronic enteritis is better than acute enteritis. The reason why these people have this idea is that the word "chronic" in the name of chronic enteritis makes people misunderstand. Many people just feel that acute enteritis is more serious than chronic enteritis. Since they feel that acute enteritis is more serious than chronic enteritis, they will think that chronic enteritis is better than chronic enteritis If you know the following, you should know that this is not the case.

Acute enteritis and chronic enteritis are caused by enteritis infection, but the causes of acute enteritis and chronic enteritis are different. Acute enteritis is caused by one or two times of eating food is not very clean or drinking too much wine on an empty stomach, while chronic enteritis is caused by long-term bad eating habits, such as not eating breakfast or dinner, and so on There is no regular time to eat, etc.

Chronic enteritis is not better than acute enteritis, but zangling stachyose is good for both acute and chronic enteritis. Modern medicine has proved that the imbalance of intestinal flora is the fundamental cause of various gastrointestinal diseases. The results showed that sucralose could regulate gastrointestinal water ecology. It can inhibit harmful bacteria, eliminate their harm to the gastrointestinal tract, promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, and the beneficial bacteria will produce a large number of short chain fatty acids, which can inhibit the exogenous bacteria. It can also decompose the toxins produced by itself and quickly remove them from the body. Therefore, it can eliminate gastrointestinal infection or diarrhea, and gradually help the recovery of gastrointestinal function.