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What symptom is chronic gastritis to have gastritis to discover to want to treat as soon as possible

Gastritis is a common disease in modern people, it is the general name of gastric mucosal inflammation. If there is no timely ZL, chronic gastritis, the treatment will become more complex. So, what are the symptoms of chronic gastritis? How to find the cause of disease and symptomatic treatment at the beginning? Let's talk about the symptoms and precautions of chronic gastritis.

Chronic gastritis is a kind of disease in which gastric mucosa epithelium is repeatedly invaded by various pathogenic factors, resulting in persistent chronic inflammatory disease. Bad mood, improper diet and Helicobacter pylori infection can cause chronic gastritis. Clinically, the symptoms of chronic gastritis are more complex, specifically, patients will appear in the upper abdominal pain or fullness, and may also involve the chest and back, causing pain. In addition, the patient will be accompanied by anorexia, vomiting acid water, nausea and vomiting, belching and other recurrent symptoms. Long time will also produce stomach burning, dull pain. What's more painful for patients is that they can't eat when they feel hungry, because once they eat a little, they will be full. Pale complexion, emaciation, anemia and other symptoms will appear in patients with chronic gastritis.

In traditional Chinese medicine, chronic gastritis is called epigastralgia, which can be divided into several types according to different symptoms. The first type is liver fire attacking the stomach. The stomachache of this kind of patients often involves two flanks. They may have the symptoms of bitter mouth, dry mouth, irritability and irritability. The second type is spleen and stomach deficiency cold type, this kind of patients usually appear pale, fatigue, stomach pain like warm. The third type is the deficiency of stomach yin, when patients will have dry mouth, red tongue without moss, dry stool and other symptoms.

Generally speaking, for patients with chronic gastritis, we can use some drugs to inhibit gastric acid and protect gastric mucosa, and also take some drugs to promote gastric motility. If accompanied by Helicobacter pylori infection, we should also cure Helicobacter pylori. The diet on weekdays should be light, avoid alcohol and tobacco, spicy food, and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

In addition, taking microecological agents to improve intestinal flora is also an ideal choice for patients with chronic gastritis. Zangling stachyose can help regulate the imbalance of microecological environment, especially for friends with chronic gastrointestinal diseases. It can not only solve the problem of proliferation of probiotics and inhibition of harmful bacteria, but also improve the gastrointestinal living environment from multiple angles and gradually build a benign environment Micro ecological environment. For friends with chronic gastritis, it is very necessary to drink zangling stachyose.