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When giving way, the compaction line will not be deducted to give way to the ambulance

Original title: "45 degree give way method" swipe the screen, traffic police solve doubts: No points will be deducted when pressing to the solid line when giving way in recent two days, the "45 degree method of giving way" suddenly swiped the screen on major social platforms, and many people defined it as "the necessary driving skills in 2020".

In an animated simulation video, a three lane road is congested, and then an ambulance with an alarm needs to deliver patients to the front. In order to let the ambulance pass through the congested road as soon as possible, all the vehicles turn to their left and right at a 45 degree angle in front of them, giving the ambulance a narrow 'life passage'.

The reporter learned from the traffic police, fire department and emergency department that this method is not only feasible, but also has been performed more than once in Hangzhou.

Pressure to the solid line will be deducted? Traffic police said: No

The relevant person in charge of the traffic police department said that when you drive on the road, you are obliged to give way when an emergency vehicle (such as an ambulance, a fire engine, a police car, etc.) behind you gives an alarm. At present, there is no authoritative statement about how to get out of the way. Drivers can operate according to the actual situation. "For example, if there is a traffic jam on the elevated road or expressway, and there are emergency vehicles in the rear to pass, you should try to lean the car to both sides as far as possible under the condition of ensuring safety, and give way to the" life passage "in the middle. '

Therefore, the 45 degree yield method is feasible in theory, but in practice, all vehicles need to work together. "On the road, there are not only small cars, but also trucks and buses with different body lengths. In addition, if the vehicles do not cooperate well, or the driver's own operation is wrong, other scratch accidents may occur in the process of giving way. '

A driver asked, "if you get on a solid line or run a red light because you give way to an emergency vehicle, will you deduct points?"

The traffic police said: "in an emergency, life is the first thing." if an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, a fire engine and a police car, gives way to traffic violations in the case of Expressway and elevated road congestion, no points will be deducted if it can be proved. '

Early rush hour, fire police blocked

Traffic police command private cars to give way like textbooks

In Hangzhou, there was a recent "45 degree yield" at the textbook level.

The incident happened on the 23rd of last month. At that time, Yuhang town squadron of Hangzhou fire brigade received the dispatch that a new energy electric vehicle spontaneous combustion accident occurred on the East-West avenue of Yuhang street, less than Wener West Road. After receiving the alarm, Yuhang town squadron dispatched two vehicles and 14 people to the scene for disposal.

At that time, it was the morning rush hour, and the road leading to the scene was very congested. Especially in the place less than 500 meters away from the scene of the accident, the large traffic volume once made the fire engine unable to move smoothly. Looking at the black smoke from the scene not far away, the firefighters on the fire truck were in a great hurry.

At this time, some vehicles in the traffic began to take the initiative to lean to both sides of the road to make way for the fire engines. A traffic policeman also came in time to direct the vehicles to move to both sides to clear the road for the fire truck. With the cooperation of the traffic police and the drivers, the fire truck finally arrived at the scene and put out the fire in time.

While praising the drivers, the fire department suggests that the majority of drivers, such as fire engines, emergency vehicles, police vehicles and other special vehicles that are carrying out emergency tasks, should give priority to them and make way for their lives on the premise of ensuring safety.

Ambulance driver:

If the front car is biased, the rear car will follow suit and make concerted efforts to give way to life

After a night of tossing and turning, at 8 o'clock yesterday morning, 46 year old Shen Huigang finally got off work with a whole body of fatigue.

He is the driver of the first aid point of Hangzhou first people's hospital. His main work is to drive an ambulance. He will assist doctors in rescuing critical patients. He has been driving here since the first aid center was set up in 2009. Before that, he had driven a bus and worked as a driver & hellip; & hellip; in short, he had dealt with all kinds of cars. That year, he was the only one who stood out from more than 300 people.

Master Shen's night shift was from 6 p.m. the previous day to 8 a.m. the next day. Last night and this morning, he drove seven times, less than 10 times. On the Internet, master Shen also noticed the "45 degree give way" method. As a witness, master Shen is still very emotional--

To be honest, driving an ambulance is quite different from other cars. In the case of critically ill patients, the requirement for our drivers is to be fast and stable, and to have a map in mind, including many small streets and alleys, in order to save time and cost. 'said master Shen.

As for the "45 degree method of giving way", master Shen thought it was completely workable. He also encountered it: "50 meters in front of the ambulance, a car heard the sound, and the front of the car gave way. It was not so accurate. It was just 45 degrees, but he did it. The next few cars will follow suit, so we can pass more smoothly. This requires us to work together and have such awareness. To tell you the truth, there are cars taking advantage of this, and we are helpless. Mr. Shen said that the Zhonghe viaduct and the Shidai viaduct, which they often pass through, are most likely to be congested. As long as they don't get stuck and can pass slowly, they can operate the 45 degree yield method.

Driving on the road, master Shen feels the change personally. Over the years, people's quality has gradually improved, and more and more drivers give way when they see ambulances. "For example, on elevated roads, many cars pull over to slow down when they hear the sound of ambulances. Our vehicles can also take the middle line, and there are a lot of such news in the media. I think no matter who sees or hears an ambulance, they should have the consciousness to get out of the way and pull over or stop. We transport emergency patients. After all, it's a way to save lives! "

Article 53 of the road traffic safety law:

Police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles may use alarms, signs and lamps when performing emergency tasks; on the premise of ensuring safety, they are not limited by the driving route, direction, speed and signal lights, and other vehicles and pedestrians shall yield.

Paragraph 3 of Article 21 of the regulations on the procedures for handling illegal acts of road traffic safety:

If there is evidence in the illegal behavior information recorded by the traffic technology monitoring equipment or entered into the road traffic illegal information management system to prove that it is caused by rescuing danger or emergency refuge, it shall be eliminated. If the punishment notice is finally received, the car owner can appeal to the traffic police department, which will give priority to verification and verification, and write off at the first time.