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The cause of the fire is still under investigation

Original title: a hundred century building fire Michelin 3-star restaurant destroyed million euros loss

According to foreign media reports, a five-star luxury hotel with historical value and several Michelin restaurants in Germany broke out on the morning of May 5, causing serious damage and an estimated loss of 1 million euros.

It is reported that the taobetbas hotel is located in the city of baersboron in southwest Germany and consists of several buildings. The local fire department said that on the morning of the 5th, a building of the hotel caught fire, affecting the Schwarzwald stube restaurant.

According to reports, more than 155 firefighters fought the fire and helped more than 60 people evacuate. The fire was very fierce and spread rapidly. The 230 year old building was almost completely destroyed by the fire. The fire burned for more than eight hours and was extinguished at 11.30 am.

Police said the cause of the fire remains unclear and investigators have not been able to enter the building. The hotel group confirmed the fire on its social networking site and thanks the authorities for their quick response to the fire.

Nearly 30 years ago, schwarzwaldstrobe won the highest three-star award from the Michelin food guide.

Tolstoy & middot; Michel, the chef of Schwarzwald stube restaurant, was given 19.5 out of 20 in this year's edition of the French food magazine gormijo.

According to Heiner & middot; finkbeiner, the owner of the hotel, despite the heavy losses caused by the fire, fortunately no guests or employees were injured and "everything can be rebuilt.".