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Han Geng and Lu Jingshan's wedding held in a place far away from the noise

Original title: where Han Geng's wedding was held has always been very low-key from the two people's license to the wedding ceremony. When the wedding picture was exposed, it didn't have too much luxury, so it seemed warm and loving.

I have to say that the level of netizens digging materials is really good, even Han Geng and Lu Jingshan's wedding venue has been made. The wedding was held in paradise, a small town in New Zealand. Its Chinese name is paradise island, and its more beautiful name is God's back garden. Why? Because it's so beautiful! Even the famous trilogy of the Lord of the rings is taken here.

On January 4, Han Geng and Lu Jingshan's wedding was held in paradise, a place 1.5 hours away from Queenstown. According to the organizer, there is no telephone signal, no network, no water source, no power supply, and even no asphalt road. When we arrive, we have to drive across a stream, but Han Geng said: 'I want to be quiet.'.

Han Geng once said that he is not a romantic person, but in fact he is romantic and envies others. The relationship with the bride is romantic, like a fairy tale. Han Geng sang a song "yes, please" at the wedding, which not only deeply moved his Jingjing, but also moved the audience. Envy such love, for each other to become better, to appreciate each other's hobbies.