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Passengers suddenly feel sick, the plane turns back, life is above everything

Original title: passengers suddenly feel unwell, the plane turns around to return: urinate, return, check the warm heart move on the high altitude on January 5, a U-turn return plane boarded the microblog hot search.

According to media reports, on January 2, when China United Airlines flight kn5218 taxied and took off at Shuangliu International Airport in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, a female passenger suddenly felt unwell. After calling an ambulance on the ground to confirm that the plane was stable, the little sister of the flight attendant immediately picked her up and sent her to the ambulance. At present, the passenger has no serious problem, the flight also took off after refueling again on the same day.

It can be seen from the live video that the passenger was in constant wailing and pain at that time, and then the captain decided to turn around and return to save people. A passenger at the scene said: after the ambulance arrived, the stretcher could come in, but it couldn't turn the cabin door, and then the stewardess carried it down for her.

After the news came out, many netizens praised the stewardess who was just and soft. Netizen Xiao award Annie commented: the stewardess is wonderful! The safety of passengers is guaranteed.

In recent months, warm-hearted actions on the plane have happened from time to time.

Many people must still remember the doctor who used his mouth to suck 800 ml urine for the sick old man at an altitude of 10000 meters last year. On November 19, 2019, an old man on China Southern Airlines flight cz399 from Guangzhou to New York was unable to urinate autonomously and his bladder might burst.

Zhang Hong, from the Department of interventional vascular surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, and Xiao Zhanxiang, from the Department of vascular surgery of Hainan Provincial People's Hospital, made their own devices and used their mouths to suck urine to save lives. For 37 minutes, the doctor helped the old man excrete 700-800 ml of urine. Subsequently, the old man's condition was alleviated, his mood was gradually stable, and he turned the corner.

Another warm-up on the plane took place on December 8 last year. On the morning of the same day, a Hainan Airlines flight from Hangzhou to Sanya was taxiing before taking off. An old couple suddenly received the news of the death of their relatives. They were very excited and asked to stop their journey and immediately get off the plane to fly to Tianjin.

The stewardess handed the water to the old man and comforted them, while the purser immediately went to ask the captain for instructions. Then, the plane taxied back in an emergency. The flight originally took off at 10:10. After a delay of 50 minutes, it took off smoothly at 11:00.

However, after the news came out, it caused controversy among netizens. Many netizens praised the humanistic care of the crew and thought that the deceased was the greatest. However, some netizens think that this is not a big thing to do, there is no need to delay the journey of the whole plane passengers.

Hainan Airlines later responded that in view of the risk of passengers losing control of emotions and not suitable for further transportation, the crew on duty decided to quickly slide back and terminate their journey according to the company's operation manual for the sake of safety and humanity. Another senior captain also said in an interview: there is nothing wrong with HNA's move. Anyone may encounter such an unexpected situation.

What warm stories do you have with the plane? Welcome to share with us and praise these excellent passengers and crew members!