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Use 8300 cash pad wheel to help the final owner

Original title: Zhejiang man takes 8300 yuan in cash to pad the wheel, drives away, and forgets the money & hellip; & hellip;

Four seas net news a man will 8300 yuan cash pad wheel

The car left and forgot to take the money & hellip; & hellip;

The money was recovered in the trash

It turns out that the sanitation workers threw it away as garbage

On December 27, a 'Maha' driver felt that the wheels of the vehicle were shaking abnormally while driving on the expressway. When he entered the Qingtian service area for a rest, he put 8000 yuan in cash as a brick on the ground to pad the wheels and check the axle. Who knows when he left, he forgot the cash on the ground. He didn't think of it until he drove on the highway. He was so anxious that he immediately went down the highway to look for it.

At 1:30 p.m. on December 27, the staff on duty in Qingtian service area received a man's help, saying that he had lost a large amount of cash in the service area, hoping to help find out.

It is understood that the driver's surname is Wang. On the same day, he and three friends returned from Wenzhou to their hometown in Jiangxi. When driving on the Jinliwen expressway, he felt that the front co driver's position was shaking abnormally from time to time. Seeing that he was about to arrive at the Qingtian service area, he wanted to stop to check whether the axle was faulty.

The four wanted to find a thick piece of hard material under the wheel to see if there was any problem with the axle. But they couldn't find the bricks for a while. They had a brainwave. They thought that there was a stack of paper wrapped 8000 yuan cash on the car. So they put the money on the ground, and then drove the car to feel it.

This attempt, the axle in the end there is no fault or check out, but the 8000 yuan on the ground is forgotten. Four people went to the service area to go to the toilet, turned around and left the Qingtian service area. When they got to Lishui toll station, they remembered that they hadn't picked up the money! Panicked, they immediately got off the highway and went back to look for it.

At this time, it has been a full hour since the money was lost, and there were people coming and going during the day. All four felt that there was not much hope of getting back the money. However, they still tried to contact the staff of Qingtian service area, hoping to help them recover.

Through monitoring and inquiry, the staff found that when Master Wang's car left, the 8000 yuan cash wrapped in white paper on the ground had not been found. After that, a cleaning aunt in the service area thought it was garbage. She swept it with a dustpan and poured it directly into the garbage can.

After finding this key clue, the staff of Qingtian service area immediately took Mr. Wang to the garbage bin. After removing the garbage in the garbage can, the white paper containing money was exposed.

After checking, the money in it is quite a bit, a total of 8300 yuan. Master Wang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and held the staff's hand tightly to thank him.