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Warriors 105-96 reverse Suns to break the longest winning streak in the West

Original title: Warriors reverse sun Russell small universe burst with 31 points to lead the team to win four games in a row

Beijing time on December 28, the warriors completed a double-digit reversal in the last quarter, beating the Suns 105-96 at home.

Warriors (9-24) won four games in a row. D'Angelo Russell had 31 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, Damian Lee had 16 points and 7 rebounds, Glen Robinson had 12 points and 6 rebounds, and drammond green had 11 points and 7 rebounds. Substitute appearance Alec - barks 13 points.

The sun (11-20) lost eight games in a row. Devon - Booker took 34 points, rich - Rubio 11 points, Dario - Saric 11 points, 10 rebounds. In the last quarter, the sun lost 39 points, only 18 points.

The warriors are at their best this season. Although they were the bottom of the Western Conference, they recovered a little confidence by winning three games in a row.

In the previous games, they have defeated pelican and Timberwolves, and in the Christmas War, they won the Rockets far ahead of them, which made a big surprise.

'it's been a season of trial for us,' Green said. 'it's great to beat the strong teams on Christmas day. '

Damian Lee has been doing well recently, scoring 22 points in the last game. He is still a non guaranteed contract. His outstanding performance may bring him a formal contract.

In the face of the sun, warriors don't have much confidence. For the first time this season, the Suns won 121-110 away.

The sun has been defeated seven times in a row. Lost 111-113 to the Nuggets in the last game, and was shot to win 3.2 seconds before the end. Eager to win, they came to the warriors' new stadium.

Damian Lee played normally today, but green was out of standard and they had to rely on Russell. Half way through the first quarter, Baines hit three points and the Suns led 18-11. Robinson also with a goal, warriors even 6 points, quickly narrow the gap. The two teams began a seesaw battle, Carmelo Johnson at the end of this section hit three points, the Suns to 29-25 lead.

Half of the second quarter, Russell shot, warriors only 38-40 behind. Booker made a mistake and gave the warriors a chance to level, but bucks failed to shoot. Kaminski hit three points and the Suns scored seven in a row, opening the gap 47-38. The warriors didn't get a minute in four minutes, only five minutes in the last five minutes and thirty-one seconds in this section, and the first half was 43-51 behind.

Booker hit two goals in a row, and the Suns opened the gap 56-45 at the beginning of the third quarter. They were 13 points ahead at one time, but the Warriors also launched a counterattack, Russell and Damian Lee hit three points one after another, and they made it 60-64 with 4:52 left in the quarter. After a wave of attacks, the warriors were in trouble again and failed to shoot for nearly 2 minutes. The Suns re opened the gap, Carmelo Johnson hit the whistle, they lead 78-66.

The warriors want to continue their winning streak and fight back again in the last quarter. With 4 minutes and 14 seconds left in the game, Robinson grabbed the offensive rebounds and made up the basket successfully. The warriors completed the 25-11 attack wave and countered by 91-89. Sun was forced to call a pause, warriors fighting high, curry ran into the team, and high five with his teammates.

The pause did not stop the warrior. Damian - Li caused a foul, Bucks layup was successful, warriors opened the gap 95-89. It was not until 3:21 left in the game that the Suns made a foul with two penalties and two hits by bukeqiang.

The Suns closed the gap to four with free throws. Green, who had a mediocre performance before, hit the head with 1:58 left in the game. After that, he grabbed the offensive rebounds, Russell got the layup, and the warriors took a 104-95 lead.

The more the Suns hit, the more disorderly they missed. Rubio managed to get to the free throw line, only two free throws and one goal. The warrior had a plan in mind, controlled the situation steadily and completed the turnaround.

Suns starting lineup: Rubio, Booker, ubre, sharich, Baines

Warriors starting lineup: Russell, Robinson, Lee, green, Stan