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It is strictly forbidden to force vehicles to install etc. do not set up "roadblocks" for convenient

Original title: compulsory installation of etc and barrier for non etc vehicles are strictly prohibited

Wu Dejin, director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of transport of, said on the 27th that it is strictly forbidden to force the installation of etc by any means and to set up obstacles for non etc vehicles to pass through the expressway.

Wu Dejin said that as of December 23, the total number of etc customers nationwide had reached 197 million, a net increase of 120 million or 157% over the same period last year. In the process of issuing, some non-standard behaviors have taken place in some areas, such as occupation of license plate information, compulsory installation, etc. for these non-standard behaviors, the Ministry of transport quickly took measures to urge and guide all localities to seriously rectify and implement them--

First, an emergency notice on further standardizing the issuance and service of etc will be issued on the 25th. It is strictly prohibited to install etc by any means or in disguised form, and it is strictly prohibited to set obstacles for non etc vehicles to pass through expressways or handle vehicle related business in any way.

Second, it has put forward clear requirements for the occupation of license plate in the process of etc issuance, strictly forbidding the occupation of license plate, and urged all localities to immediately remove the occupation of license plate information, and support the public to apply for etc voluntarily.

The third is to strengthen services. Under the condition of the whole network operation, etc has changed from the mode of issuing and managing by provinces to the mode of whole network operation. At the same time, the national etc customer service center has been set up to link up with other provinces and open the '95022' etc service supervision hotline.