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The post-90s made a will to her best friend, hoping that she could help greet her parents

Original title: the post-90s girls will leave their real estate to their girlfriends, netizens quarrel has just entered the 30-year-old gate,

Someone has already begun to make a will.

Recently, Wang Yu, a post-90s girl in Shanghai

Make a will to leave the house to her best friend,

It caused a heated discussion among netizens.

Wang Yu is a typical Shanghai girl. She was born in 1992 and now works as an ICU nurse in a famous hospital in Shanghai. Maybe it's because I feel too much impermanence of life. "I think we should make a good arrangement. The parents are the most worried. "Wang Yu said.

Wang Yu wrote in his will that he would leave his property to his most trusted friend after his death. 'why should I give her the house because I believe she will do what I want. I hope that if I have an accident, she can go to my parents' house and see them when I have time. '

Wang Yu said that her parents are not short of money and house, but she is the only child. If something happens to her, what her parents lack most is love.

Wang Yu's friend is also her colleague, several years older than her. "She is a close sister in our department. If anyone is unhappy, she will try her best to help others. She helped me when I was at my lowest ebb, so I trusted her very much. '

"Does your friend know your arrangement? What's her reaction?" Wang Yu laughed at the reporter's question. 'at first she said I was crazy, and she didn't accept it. I told her, this is my gift for you to be 90. I think I'll live. Listen to me. She would no longer refuse. '

Wang Yu said that she communicated with her parents about making a will. 'My mother is a very open-minded person and she understands. Dad was more traditional, but he didn't say anything. '

On December 25, at the Shanghai registration center of the China wills bank, Wang Yu completed his will in less than two hours.

Tian Yan, director of the Shanghai second registration center of China wills bank, said Wang Yu left the house to her best friend in her will, hoping that she could take care of her parents in case of an accident. This belongs to the administration of heritage legally. The concept of heritage management is clearly put forward in the coming civil code. In the civil code (Draft), the administrator of the estate shall perform the following duties: clearing up the estate and making a list of the estate; keeping the estate; handling the creditor's rights and debts; and dividing the estate according to the will or according to the law.

Wang Yu said that after the will was made, her relationship with her best friend had not changed a lot, "but it may be more stressful for her, and she hopes that the attention of this matter will be over earlier. '

Netizens have an understanding of this point of view:

@Jr510: understand... Sometimes friends are more reliable than relatives. Now relatives are thinking about how to take advantage of how to get your money, friends at least know to accompany you to see your parents.

@Forget Sichuan 0 Nan 0 difficult: a trustworthy friend is not to be met, met, it means that two people are worth each other. The friendship between people is to rely on time and experience to maintain, it is still a long life, not to speak big words, heart is better than anything.

There are also opposing voices;

@It's not only abbess s: what if there's an accident when your best friend gets the house but breaks his promise and doesn't visit and take care of your parents? Do you also need to set additional conditions when giving? For example, there must be a certificate from the community staff and neighbors that they can really visit and take care of them, and only after the parents have a hundred years can they get this house!

@It's just your classmates: real friends will always care about their parents even if they don't give them real estate.

And there is a sentence that is particularly striking:

@Prosperous 100: when I was a child, I was always afraid that my parents would leave us. When I grew up, I would be afraid that I would leave my parents one day.

Tian Yan, director of the second Shanghai registration center of China wills bank, said that Wang Yu was not the first post-90s generation they served. "By the end of October, there were 246 people born after & lsquo; who made wills in China wills bank. Almost every day, the post-90s generation consulted us through wechat and telephone. Although these wills have not yet come into force, there is a sign that young people have begun to think seriously about death.

It's said that tomorrow and accidents do not know which comes first. What do you think of the matter of young people making wills?