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Guo Fucheng plays Santa Claus for the first time;

Original title: Guo Fucheng dressed up as Santa Claus to amuse his daughter Dabao's movie "Mai Lu Ren" has won the Hong Kong Film golden statue award. Asked if Guo Fucheng is confident that it will win the golden statue again? He said that it is satisfied that the actors do their duty well and can be recognized by everyone. It is up to the film company to decide whether to apply for the award. "They are too young to know how to watch it, but it talks about poverty," Guo said. Poverty is a global problem that can't be solved in an instant, so films can be kept and they won't be out of date in the future. I feel that in the face of poverty and adversity, don't give up on yourself, try to change your life, live in the present and cherish the people around you. '

Speaking of Christmas, Guo Fucheng was photographed taking his daughter to the beach to play? He said that the first time he took Er Bao to the beach, many people were very busy and everyone was very happy. Guo Fucheng said: 'outside of work is family. Life is very simple. Let go of your artist identity and take your daughter to the beach. However, Dabao was a little afraid of water, and ER Bao fell asleep. "Guo Fucheng also revealed that after having a Christmas dinner, he went home to play Santa Claus and visited his two daughters. He said," the first time I played Santa Claus, Dabao was very happy to see Santa Claus, but Erbao fell asleep again. Dabao has Christmas performances in kindergartens. She sings some Christmas songs on the stage. '

Yang said that she would take her 7-year-old son Torres to appreciate the movie "Mai Lu Ren." she said, "however, she would explain to him that he should care about the things around him. Sometimes he would go to a fast food restaurant and ask why some people would not leave for so long. I would say that sometimes I would like to sit a little longer. I asked him to care about the things in life and cherish the things he owned. (the son knows why he is poor?) he knows that the school will arrange students to send food and visit the elderly center. He knows that there are different people living in the world. '

As for Christmas, Yang returned to Hong Kong on Christmas day because he went to work in the mainland. He was in time to attend Torres' Christmas party with kindergarten students. She said: 'I think he has more friends to support his childhood. '