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Spring Festival high speed passenger car free passage schedule

Original title: free passage time of high speed minibus for Spring Festival has been determined is less than a month away from the Spring Festival. In fact, the Spring Festival is very much expected for many people. Because the Spring Festival is a good day for family reunion, many migrant workers will go home. However, recently, the Ministry of transport said that high-speed passenger cars are free for the Spring Festival. How many days are there for free?

According to the implementation plan of exempting minibus toll on major holidays, the free period starts from 00:00 on the first day of the holiday and ends at 24:00 on the last day of the holiday, that is, from 0:00 on January 24 to 24:00 on January 30, 2020, the expressway will be free of minibus toll.

However, it should be noted that the freeway is based on the time the vehicle leaves the exit toll lane. The range of vehicles free of charge is less than 7 (including 7) passenger vehicles on toll roads, and of course, motorcycles that are allowed to run on ordinary toll roads are also included.

We all know that there will be seven days of Spring Festival holiday in 2020, but many people are concerned about the high-speed free time of Spring Festival, because it is related to the problem of wallet. But now, according to the latest news, the free passage time of high-speed passenger cars for the Spring Festival has been determined, from 0:00 on January 24 to 24:00 on January 30, and from 0:00 on January 24 to 24:00 on January 30.