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Li Xiaopeng becomes the first choice of Football Association

Original title: revealed that the football association has decided on the new coach of the national football team! The interview is just a walk through, Li Tie is out after the East Asia Cup

According to the information, the first choice for the head coach of Shandong Football Association was Li Xiaopeng, who was the first choice to be the head of the East Asian Football Association after the end of the 12 month news conference.

The East Asian Cup is over, the national football team to determine a new coach is imminent, after all, if you choose to take over the local super team, it will certainly affect a super team, and for the super team, the preparation for next season is not far away. Therefore, the football association is going to interview three candidates for coach - Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan. Three people have one thing in common, last season, the performance of the three leading the team are commendable. Among them, Wang Baoshan and Li Tie led the team to leave a deep impression at Evergrande home.

According to the coach's resume, Li Xiaopeng has the most advantage. He is 45 years old and has won the best coach award of Chinese Super League twice. In addition, Li Xiaopeng also served as the coach of China Women's football team and Qingdao Zhongneng.

Li Tie, 42, is the best coach in the 2018 season. In addition, he has served as the assistant teaching assistant of the national football team and the coach of the selection team of the national football team. He has also taught Huaxia Xingfu and zhuo'er. This season, Zhuo Er won the sixth place in the Chinese Super League, Li Tiegong is indispensable

Wang Baoshan, 56, has not been honored for the time being. However, he has the richest teaching experience. He has taught in national youth team, Chongqing team, Shenzhen football team and Henan Jianye team.

Lu media revealed that the football association will give Li Xiaopeng the position of the national football coach. This interview in Beijing is likely to be a mere formality and will not have a substantial impact on the results!

As for Li Tie, there was a chance, but after the end of the East Asian Cup, Li Tie did not have a chance. After all, the national football team lost to the third team of Japan and the second team of South Korea, which is the objective reality. Therefore, at the end of the East Asian Cup, the new coach of the national football team has been finalized.

As for Wang Baoshan, he ran with him all the way and had no chance. For Wang Baoshan, this is a cruel thing. Of course, Wang Baoshan also has an advantage. If Ivo becomes the core of the national football team, Wang Baoshan is the most suitable person to coach Ivo.