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India's new luxury consumers fall into "onion crisis"

Original title: India's new luxury goods price makes people cry

Four seas network news recently, a new couple in India at the traditional wedding of a wave of operation 'bright'.

The exchange of garlands is part of traditional Indian wedding customs, but the couple, who were married in Varanasi, put on a 'wreath' of onions and garlic, the times of India reported.

Recently, the price of Indian onion has been rising, and the couple hopes to draw attention to the high price onion in this way.

The wedding guests were also very cooperative, and they chose onions as gifts for the couple. This is because people feel that onions are 'as valuable as gold'.

'I can't cook any more.'

According to India today's website on December 11, onion prices in India have risen by more than 400% since March this year. Since November 25, the average price of onions has been above 100 rupees (about 9.9 yuan) per kilogram. In Panaji, Goa, onions sell for as much as 165 rupees (about 16 yuan) per kilogram.

Onion is known as "national vegetable" for South Asian countries. It is indispensable to the state banquet at the presidential palace and to the dining table of ordinary people. India is one of the world's largest onion producers and exporters, with an export volume of 2 million tons in 2018. As for the rise in onion prices, Indian people even use the degree that the kitchen pot can't be opened.

The onion, which is "affordable to every family" and "food for the poor", suddenly becomes a hundred times more expensive. No one can stand it.

Since the price rise, there have been many onion theft cases among Indian merchants. At the end of November, Indian media reported that police in Uttar Pradesh, India, received a report that a truck of onions, worth about 2 million rupees (about 200000 yuan), was missing from Maharashtra, southern India. The merchant said the goods were sent from the South and are expected to arrive at the destination on the 22nd of the month. It was found that the goods did not arrive on time, so they reported to the police.

Later, police found the truck in the vicinity of a police station in Madhya Pradesh, but the inside of the truck was empty, and the driver and onion were missing.

And in Bihar, India, traders are wearing helmets while selling onions.

Why is this?

It turns out that in the face of rising onion prices, the Indian people have been suffering. When these distributors sell onions below the market price, they wear helmets for fear that the people at the back of the line will stone them because they can't buy them.

Some businesses are also eyeing the business opportunities brought by onions. According to the website of the times of India, a store in Tamil Nadu has put up an advertisement for "buy a mobile phone for onion", which has led to a huge increase in mobile phone sales.

Solving the onion crisis is imminent

On social media, Indians have also made fun of the recent high price onion:

The rise in onion prices is a new headache for prime minister Modi, who is suffering from the continued downturn in India's economy. India's economic growth rate has reached its lowest level in six years, and many predict a further slowdown.

At the end of September this year, the Indian government issued a strict export ban on onions, vowing that "no onion can leave India.".

In addition, the imminent "onion crisis" also made the current Indian government to mend with Turkey. India's price stability fund management committee offered an offer to import 11000 tons of onions from Turkey on November 22, according to India's print website.

In the history of India, the influence of onion on politics can not be underestimated. A small onion, affecting the vote of millions of poor people and farmers in India. Whether the onion crisis can be successfully handled is a test of modi's economic governance ability and operation level.