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The old employees steal 100 yuan a day, monitor and record the whole process

Original title: a long stream? 18 year old employees steal only 100 yuan a day

When thieves steal money, they must be able to steal as much as they can, but some thieves are not the same. They even know how to "trickle". On December 16, Ms. Yang in Nanjing reported to the local police station that her 18 year old employees had been stealing money at work for a long time and only stole 100 yuan at a time.

According to Ms. Yang, two days ago, she and Zhang, an old employee in the store, were on duty. When filling in the express bill number, she suddenly felt that a hand was turning over a bag full of sales money. In the evening, Ms. Yang went back to adjust the monitoring and found that Zhang stole every day.

After checking the surveillance, the police found that although the surveillance of the stewed vegetable shop can only be kept for 30 days, the suspect Zhang almost steals once every other day and only steals 100 yuan each time. Every time he steals, another employee goes to the front window to hand over the goods to the customer. He sneaked his hand into his purse and drew out a hundred yuan.

Ms. Yang said that she had discovered Zhang's theft as early as the beginning of December. At that time, she had worked in the store for 18 years. Originally, she wanted to make him lose money. However, Zhang did not admit his mistake and ran back to his hometown to hide. In a fit of anger, Ms. Yang chose to call the police.

In order to prevent a lot of stealing at one time, Zhang only stole 100 yuan each time. On the afternoon of December 18, the police arrested the suspect Zhang in Gaoyou. After trial, Zhang confessed to his theft and said that he was stealing money almost every day more than a year ago.

At present, Zhang is suspected of theft and has been detained by the police according to law. The case is under further trial.