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Australian wildfire rages, and the prime minister's negative attitude on holiday arouses public prot

Australia's prime minister apologizes to the public reported that Australian Prime Minister Morrison, who was on holiday abroad, said he would "return as soon as possible" after the tragic death of two volunteer firefighters in New South Wales, Australia.

According to the report, there has been growing public criticism that Morrison has chosen to take a vacation at a time when forest fires are worsening in New South Wales. Morrison has announced that he will return to Sydney.

In a statement on the morning of the 20th, Morrison announced that he would shorten his overseas trip and pay tribute to two rural volunteer firefighters who died. It is reported that the two volunteers died after a fire truck rolled over while fighting a bushfire in southwest Sydney.

"They have defended their community with unparalleled dedication, which will always make them stand out among the bravest Australians," Morrison said. '

Morrison said, "we will always remember their sacrifice and contribution to save lives and property. I hope the injured can recover smoothly." our hearts are with their families, friends and colleagues. In view of the recent tragic events, I will arrange to return to Sydney as soon as possible. '

Morrison has previously said that due to the need for official visits to India and Japan, he "needs to cancel the holiday originally scheduled for January", so he decided to take his wife and daughter on early leave before Christmas.

Morrison said: 'I apologize for the offence I have caused to Australians who are suffering from the terrible forest fires by taking a vacation with my family at this time.' I have been receiving regular updates on forest fires, and have been closely monitoring the search and treatment of the wounded in the eruption of Mount Wight, new Zealand. '

During his absence, Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack and other cabinet ministers' managed the country very well, 'he said.

According to the report, most of the criticism of Morrison comes from social media, and few of his political opponents are willing to criticize his decision. Anthony Albanese, the leader of the labor party, repeatedly refused to criticize Morrison and said he had the right to spend holidays with his children. At a press conference on the 19th, the former Australian fire chief also refused to criticize Morrison.

Greg & middot; Mullins, a former New South Wales fire and rescue Commissioner, said: 'everyone needs a holiday. I will not comment on the prime minister's actions, and there is not much the federal government can do on these issues. So I don't think it really matters. '

Morrison said all firefighters should know that Australians are 'deeply grateful' for their efforts. "For Australians living in the area where the fire is raging, please follow the instructions of the relevant authorities to ensure their own safety," he said. '

Morrison said the federal government was' on call 'to meet state aid needs and end the disaster as soon as possible.