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The Ministry of transport requires that at least one artificial lane should be reserved for the rect

Original title: required to rectify by the Ministry of Communications: push etc, not 'others are criticized, own as usual'

Sihai news can not let any public opinion make complaints about ETC, but I will not stand still.

Recently, Tianjin Binhai toll station has banned vehicles without etc from entering, causing concern. The video shows that a notice board is hung outside Binhai toll station, saying that it is only for etc vehicles to enter from 0:00 on December 15. A large number of vehicles were stranded in front of the toll station, causing congestion. According to the toll station staff, this is in accordance with the unified arrangement, the manual service window at the entrance has been cancelled, and the vehicles without etc can only be advised to return for detour. In this regard, the relevant responsible person of etc business of Highway Bureau of the Ministry of transport said that the situation is true and Tianjin is being asked to rectify.

As we all know, with the national comprehensive promotion of highway toll system reform, etc promotion is the general trend. However, in some places, efforts have been too strong in the promotion process, and new plots have been added to the "etc fancy behavior Award" -- no etc, no highway, no etc, no oil for the annual inspection & hellip; & hellip;

With the frequent exposure of chaos, etc has been criticized in the public opinion field. But from now on, although the bundled push of etc has caused a lot of trouble and has a bad reputation among the public, some places still go their own way -- others are criticized, and they are still the same.

Taking Tianjin as an example, from 0:00 on December 15, 2019, the entrance of six toll stations in Tianjin will be set with all etc lanes, and no artificial lanes will be reserved. At the same time, the local highway management department has set up a issuing lane at the entrance of these six toll stations to issue etc on site.

The problem is that according to the relevant requirements of the state and Tianjin, etc is the main toll station of expressway. In order to ensure smooth traffic, one or two mixed lanes are reserved in principle for manual card issuing and toll collection. The six toll gates in Tianjin not only do not keep artificial lanes, but also set up lanes to issue etc on site, which inevitably encounters doubts.

There are some reasons that need not be restated: the essence of the reform of expressway toll system is a systematic public service project benefiting people's livelihood. For local highway management departments, even if the promotion of etc is the general trend, they should also respect the owners' right to choose, and should not carry out "one size fits all" and compulsory promotion.

At a press conference held by the Ministry of communications on December 12, a relevant spokesman made it clear that after the cancellation of provincial boundary toll stations, a small number of manual toll lanes will still be reserved at the entrance and exit toll stations, and vehicles without etc will still be able to go to the expressway next year.

This time, the Ministry of communications has asked Tianjin Binhai toll station to rectify, which is also a reiteration of this position. Obviously, this incident has also brought a wake-up call to other places: in the promotion of etc, we should not 'let others be criticized, but we should take care of ourselves' instead, we should not make mistakes and correct them when they should be.