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Beidou-3 sets a record for networking and China Aerospace creates another brilliant future

Original title: China's Beidou high density launch sets a world record

China's 52nd and 53rd Beidou navigation satellites were successfully launched in Xichang Satellite Launch Center on 16th. The deployment of beidou-3 global system core constellations was completed. At the same time, a world record of global satellite navigation system networking speed was set.

In recent years, Beidou system ushered in a high-density launch period. Yang Changfeng, chief designer of China's Beidou satellite navigation system, said in an interview with reporters at the launch site that since the first launch of beidou-3 global networking satellite in 2017, it has achieved 18 successive launches.

Beidou system is a global satellite navigation system independently constructed and operated by China. The construction of beidou-3 global system was started in 2009, and the first launch of global networking satellite was realized on November 5, 2017.

Yang Changfeng said that with the joint efforts of seven major systems of the project, more than 300 research and construction units and more than 100000 scientific research personnel, 18 networking launches have been successfully carried out in just over two years. 28 beidou-3 networking satellites and 2 beidou-2 backup satellites have been successfully put into the scheduled orbit. With the high density of 1.2 satellites launched every month, the global satellite navigation system has been refreshed The world record of networking speed.

In the late 20th century, China began to explore the development path of satellite navigation system suitable for China's national conditions, and gradually formed a three-step development strategy: Beidou-1 system was completed by the end of 2000 to provide services to China; beidou-2 system was completed by the end of 2012 to provide services to the Asia Pacific Region; and the Beidou global system was completed around 2020 to provide services to the world.

"At present, the construction of beidou-3 project has entered the decisive sprint stage. We plan to launch two geosynchronous orbit satellites by June 2020 to complete the beidou-3 system in an all-round way, so as to provide better services for the world. At the same time, Yang Changfeng said that at the same time, the overall demonstration of the continuous development of Beidou system and the tackling of key technologies have been started. It is planned to build a comprehensive positioning, navigation and time service (pnt) system with Beidou system as the core by 2035.