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Passengers walking along other people's ashes bags

Original title: Auntie left her wife's ashes bag on the subway. Passengers walked along: thought it was food on December 10, an aunt in Shanghai left a plastic bag containing her wife's ashes under her seat on the subway. Another passenger thought it was something to eat or a gift, so she walked away & hellip; & hellip;

A lot of things will be lost

Cell phones, wallets, computers

Have you ever heard of people who lost their relatives' ashes?

You can't believe it. It's true


An Aunt Wang in Shanghai is on her way to the subway

Leave the plastic bag containing his wife's ashes under the seat

Anxious Aunt Wang

Crying while calling the police for help

According to Aunt Wang, that night, she got on line 8 from Lujiabang Road station. When the train stopped at Anshan Xincun station, she lost a pink bag containing her wife's ashes because she was in a hurry.

According to the police's further understanding, the grandmother and her children have settled in Japan for a long time. This time, they made a special trip back to Shanghai to bring the urn back to Japan. I didn't expect to be careless for a moment, and left the bag in the train carriage. At this time, my grandmother has already made a reservation to return to Japan the next morning, time is very urgent.

Aunt Wang: it's my fault, because I often lose my wallet. In Japan, I have lost my wallet more than 10 times.

However, after some searching

Whether it's in the car

Or did you go through the trash can

No ashes bag left by Aunt Wang was found

Lu Ping, on duty station manager of Anshan Xincun station of Metro Line 8: at that time, the time when my aunt called the police was also relatively late, and the train on duty was put into operation again. So we had to contact the follow-up stations to get on the train to look for it, but we didn't find it. Moreover, we also looked for the garbage cans in each station, but we haven't found them for the time being.

The police found that

Another passenger took Aunt Wang's plastic bag

according to the understanding of

The passenger did not know what was in the bag

I thought it was food or gifts

I took it


I don't know if this "foodie" is going home

Did you get a shock when you opened it


Police found the passenger the next day in Shiguang Road subway station

Successfully recovered Aunt Wang's lost ashes

Aunt Wang in Japan

We learned that the ashes had been found

I was deeply moved

She replied by wechat:

"Hello, police! It's hard for you!"

Police remind passengers

If you find something

Please hand it over to the service center of the station in time

Or ask the police for help

For the ashes of this incident

Lawyers also said

Fortunately, the passenger picked it up

I didn't throw it away

Otherwise, it may violate the law!