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Nearly 60% of the post-90s are in debt, mainly due to the pressure of housing loans ahead of consump

The original title: nearly 60% of the post-90s have substantial liabilities, but continue to rise again and again, netizens: mainly housing loans

According to a news report from, the debt consumption index of the post-90s is rising. What is the debt index of the post-90s? That is, the income of the post-90s group is much lower than that of the consumption. They overdraft ahead of time to consume the consumption of the old people. The debt of the post-90s continues to rise again and again, increasing year by year.

On the 13th, the report on the debt situation of Chinese young people was released in Beijing today. According to the report, nearly 60% of the post-90s have substantial liabilities, which is higher than other young people. A high proportion of young people of all ages are using credit products. However, after removing the factor of 'payment instrument', 57% of the post-90s still have substantial liabilities, which is much higher than 21% of students in school and 39% of those after 95. At the same time, people with high knowledge and high salary have a higher debt ratio. China's young people's debt situation report: the real debt ratio of the post-90s generation is 12.52%.

Now, the post-90s are heavily in debt because of the following performance:

1、 Like to travel

The post-90s generation also like to travel, especially the popular online tourist attractions. If we don't go to see the great rivers and mountains of our motherland, how can we be worthy of ourselves. It is generally believed that money can not be made again, and we must not let up the good time while we are young. The two most important conditions of tourism are time and money. Many people work under too much pressure. Even if they are interested in going out for a walk, they don't care even if they spend more money. As a result, their pockets are empty.

2、 Like to buy mobile phones and shopping online (spend money, pay in installments)

Now the Internet is developing too fast, among which ma Yun's father has made the greatest contribution to us. According to the survey, nearly 4 of the young people now use Alipay flower payment method to settle accounts. Even if you don't go shopping, you can send your favorite products to us.

Now mobile phones, clothes, cosmetics and many other commodities support installment payment. When you don't have a lot of money, you can overdraft your future money to meet your consumption desire at this time. However, many children can not take out enough money to pay for their behavior. They can only borrow money from friends or rely on credit card to spend. The post-90s are better at borrowing money to make a living, accounting for the highest proportion of all consumer lenders, surpassing many of the post-80s.

3、 Credit card consumption addiction. (overdraft)

Let's take a look at the data. In the third quarter of 2018, the total amount of overdue credit card loans for half a year was 88.098 billion yuan. What dazzling data, which reflects the growing prevalence of consumerism.

Maybe today you only owe the bank 2000 yuan, but as long as your income and consumption are unbalanced, your credit crisis will always exist, and the debt will be more and more, until you can't fill the hole. Overdue, credit blacklist will find you, start to disturb your life and work. Excessive consumption will put a yoke on your life and you will become poorer and poorer.

4、 Housing loan (the pressure of soaring house prices)

Many friends around me, most of them are under the pressure of mortgage. Today, the post-90s have become the main force of the current house purchase.

Buying a house is a necessary condition for marriage, even if it is to borrow money to buy a house. Now housing prices are rising, and the pressure on the post-90s to buy a house is unprecedented. Many people have to rely on their parents' help to buy a house. How many post-90s are now?

Combined with the above performance, I think it is the main reason why the post-90s are heavily in debt. We should be grateful for the convenience of this era, but also to maintain a sense of crisis. Control your own greed when you don't have the ability to support your desires.

Don't let yourself become a real 'underdog'. If you are still in debt, I hope you can get ashore soon and become a person who can control your life.