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Award winning college students' subway rescue scholarship

Original title: scholarship awarded by Wuhan Institute of engineering and technology recently, Wuhan subway volunteers in Hubei Province rushed down the stairs and climbed the escalator to rescue passengers who fell down. The reporter learned that Yu Taohong, a volunteer, is a freshman in Wuhan Institute of engineering and technology. On December 9, the university awarded the bravery award, and provided 59800 yuan micro study scholarship. Alibaba daily positive energy awarded Yu Taohong 5000 yuan positive energy bonus.

At about 11:00 a.m. on November 24, at Zhifang Street Station of Wuhan Metro Line 7 in Hubei Province, a middle-aged man who was on the phone fell off the elevator because he didn't stand firmly, with his two children beside him.

At this critical moment, a young man on the left, who was helping a couple with a shopping cart, jumped down the stairs and pressed the emergency button in time. In the process, the young man accidentally fell down, resulting in a bruise on his left knee. It took less than 10 seconds from running downstairs to shutting down the elevator, so as to prevent passengers from getting more injury.

"Boy, thanks to you today!" the passenger who fell down was helped up and said thanks in a hurry. The subway staff immediately arrived at the scene to bandage Yu Taohong's wound. When dressing the wound, he laughed and said to the staff: "it's a small matter. It's good that the passenger didn't have a big problem. '

"The escalator runs upward. If no one turned off the elevator in time, the consequences would be unimaginable. "Yu said," when he jumped down to save people, he had only one thought in his mind, that is, to press the emergency button immediately, and he didn't think about anything else. "After that, I found that my left knee had been injured, and the passenger's hand was slightly bruised, and no more serious injury was caused. "We participated in the induction training before, so we can press the elevator stop button in case of accidents. 'Yu Hongtao admits that he knows everything about volunteer service related to subway.

It is understood that the young man named Yu Taohong, 19 years old, from Renhuai, Guizhou Province, is a 2019 freshman of Wuhan Institute of engineering and technology. He is also a member of the Youth League Committee, student union and International Youth Volunteer Association. This is Yu Taohong's second time to participate in social volunteer activities, the first time is the volunteer service work of Wuhan military games.

On the day of the incident, he volunteered as usual, helping a couple lift a shopping cart full of goods up the elevator. Hearing that everyone said that he was "hot", Yu Taohong said in an interview: "I am a student, there is nothing wrong with me. In the future, we will actively participate in various voluntary service activities. '

According to reports, the school will arrange him to go abroad with the delegation for a short period of half a month according to the schedule of next year, and the destinations will be selected between the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France and Austria.

'it was totally unexpected to get the scholarship. I just did a little thing myself. In the future, if there is such a thing, I will still do it, but still remind everyone to pay attention to safety. Yu said that he would cherish the opportunity to study abroad, study hard and improve himself.