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Glaciers turn red in New Zealand and wildfires in Australia are devastating

Original title: New Zealand glaciers turning red

According to Taiwan United News Network, the wildfire in Australia has been burning for more than a month. Although the Australian government has invested thousands of firefighters to fight the wildfire, it has not completely controlled the forest fire. Australia's wildfires have not only destroyed homes and animal habitats, but also affected glaciers in neighboring New Zealand.

It is reported that the glaciers in New Zealand's aspelin Mountain National Park, thousands of miles away, have turned unusually red due to the impact of dust particles from wildfires in New South Wales, Australia. Experts are worried that the rate of glacier warming will accelerate.

Every summer, Australia's forests will catch fire because of the extremely hot temperature and too dry wind. In recent years, due to the global warming, the situation of Australia's wildfire is even worse.

In November, Liz Carlson, a travel photographer, took an unusual picture of the glacier above the aspelin Mountain National Park on New Zealand's South Island. The original white glacier turned strange red, which shocked Liz.

In an interview, Liz said: 'when our helicopter went deeper into the Kitchener glacier and saw the glacier really turn red, I've never seen it before', 'the glacier is covered with a pink red,' she added.

Monika, a meteorologist at CNN, said the glacier anomaly in New Zealand was affected by the prevailing westerly winds. Dust particles from Australian wildfires, carried by westerlies to New Zealand, cover glaciers.

According to the report, the satellite images also showed that the smoke caused by the wildfire on the east side of New South Wales, Australia, spread across the Tasman Sea and the North Island of New Zealand, and spread to the South Island of New Zealand thousands of miles away.

Carlson, a resident of the small town of Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand, also said that he was very distressed by the sight. "At least I know that glaciers do not need this dust. The dust will cover the surface of the glacier, making it unable to reflect the light from the sun and accelerate the melting of the glacier.".