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Japan won the East Asia Cup 1-2 in 21 years

Original title: East Asia Cup 1-2 Japan has been unbeaten against Japan for 21 consecutive years news in the first round of the 2019 East Asia Cup Men's football match, Li Tie's national football selection team against Japan. In the first half of the competition, the column rescue still could not prevent the Chinese team from losing the city, and Jiang zhipengfei only dyed the yellow; in the 70th minute, Japanese team defender Sanpu Xiantai locked in the victory for the team, Dong Xuesheng pulled back a goal in stoppage time, and finally China lost 1-2. Facing Japan's defeat for 21 consecutive years, the first round of the eighth East Asian Cup was 4-4 without winning. China will play host South Korea in the second round on the 15th.

Competition focus

China's men's football team has been unbeaten for 21 years: in 1998, China defeated Japan 2-0 in the dinas cup, and then met 11 times in the following 21 years. China's team did not win 5 draws and 6 losses, including 2 Asian Cup matches, 1 warm-up match and 8 East Asian Cup matches.

China's men's football team won the first game of the East Asia Cup: Japan was defeated in the first round of this East Asian Cup. Since 2003, China has only 4 draws and 4 losses in the first round of the East Asian Cup, so it is difficult to win.

Li Tieguo's first show: the match with Japanese team is the first show of Li Tie's national brand team, but it is hard to escape the fate of "open door black" in the end. And Li Tie international and coach career, 3 times encountered Japan 1 draw 2 losses, did not win.

In addition to Qatar, Senbao I swept across Asia: since taking over the Japanese team last year, Senbao has never failed in the Asian Cup finals with Qatar at the beginning of this year, and has never lost the competition with other Asian teams.

Wonderful playback

Just four minutes after the opening, Jiang Zhipeng, who served as the left back, made two mistakes and was cut off from the forward ball, which nearly made the Japanese team complete the counterattack. Then he failed to stop the ball with his first foot when he received the cross pass from his teammates.

In the seventh minute, Dong Xuesheng got the ball from the right side and was knocked down by Sasaki Muxiang. The Chinese team got a free kick on the right side of the restricted area. Jiang Zhipeng went to the back point with his left foot. Japanese goalkeeper Nakamura Hangfu did not dare to catch the ball and went out to destroy the ball. However, the ball is still at the foot of the Chinese team. Jin Jingdao then goes straight to the front of the forbidden area. Dong Xuesheng shoots from a small angle and is blocked out by Nakamura Hangfu. However, Dong Xuesheng has been offside.

In the 14th minute, Li Ang's long pass in the back court looked for the right way to plug in tomorrow. The Japanese team guard didn't dare to neglect and broke the ball out of the bottom line before getting the ball tomorrow. Jiang Zhipeng sent the corner kick to the door. Dong Xuesheng headed the goal at the spot, but he headed straight up and down, which failed to form a threat.

In the 16th minute, yuanteng River Tai restricted area left side takes the ball to break through, is pulled down by Jin Jingdao, the Japanese team obtains the free kick opportunity near the baseline, Inoue mouth Yang medium sends the free kick to the back point, encircles the Japanese middle Kuo's auxiliary push shot, Liu Dian seat has no way to this ball, but the goal post saved the Chinese team's life to block the ball.

In the 21st minute, the Japanese team's guard made a mistake, and Jin Jingdao intercepted the ball to the restricted area, but failed to pass the ball under the attack of two defensive players.

In the 23rd minute, the Chinese captain was sent to the midfield. When the Chinese captain leaped too high to compete for the top, he directly pushed Dong Xuesheng down and was shown a yellow card by the referee tantashev.

In the 27th minute, Nakamura's big foot sent the ball to the midfield. When Meifang scrambled for the ball, he knocked down Yoshi Ueda. The referee tantashev showed a yellow card to warn him. In the opening half an hour, one guard of each team was stained yellow.

In the 29th minute, Sasaki inspired the attack, and Yoshiko Morishima led the ball into the forbidden area, and then the low flat ball was sent to the front of the door. Musashi Suzuki wrapped up the ball in place and fired successfully from close range. The Japanese team broke the deadlock, 1-0.

In the 31st minute, Jiang Zhipeng jumped up to the top of the tree and kicked it directly to the neck of the big tree on Qiaogang. Tantashev immediately showed a yellow card to warn Jiang Zhipeng. But judging from the slow motion, Jiang Zhipeng's foot is absolutely dangerous. Even if he is sent off, he can't complain.

In the 35th minute, yuanfuji Taizuo took the ball and went into the forbidden area. Facing two Chinese defenders, the final forced shot was blocked.

In the 36th minute, yoshido yuanfuji high-speed inserted from the left, and after receiving the pass, he entered the forbidden area. Finally, the Japanese team surrounded the penalty spot by 3 points, and finally Suzuki Musashi's shot was blocked.

The 40th minute, the Chinese team obtains the left side corner kick opportunity, Zhang Xizhe sends the ball to the front spot, but is snatched by the Japanese team guard to break through.

In the case of one goal behind, it was not until the 45th minute that the Chinese team found the chance to fight back. Jiang Zhipeng passed from the left to the front. Dong Xuesheng bent over to head the goal, but failed to hit the target. China ended the first half with a 0-1 lag.

In the 53rd minute, Zhang Xizhe carried the Japanese team guard on his back and gave the ball to Dong Xuesheng. However, Dong Xuesheng couldn't touch the ball, but he put in a volley tomorrow, which left Japanese goalkeeper Nakamura Hangfu helpless. Unfortunately, the ball hit the beam and bounced out of the baseline.

The 64th minute, Qiao Okada big tree's right road passes, by Li Ang destroys the bottom line, but the Japanese team then opens the corner kick, has not formed the threat.

In the 65th minute, Yoshiko Ueda took the ball at the front of the forbidden area, used speed to enter the forbidden area continuously, and finally fell down in the fight with Li Ang. However, Yoshi Ueda pulled Li Ang first, but the referee did not say.

In the 70th minute, the Chinese team's guard broke the ball out of the baseline and gave the Japanese team a corner kick. Inoue Kouchi sent the ball to the front of the door, and the guard Sanpu Xiantai grabbed the spot and hit the earth. The Japanese team expanded the score to 2-0.

In the 74th minute, the Chinese team took the ball to the restricted area of Japan team, which was snatched by the opponent's guard to clear the area, but it fell directly in front of Tan long. Tan long half turned and volleyed in the air, but failed to hit the target.

In the 79th minute, yuanfuji took the ball from the left side, swung away from the defense tomorrow and shot the far corner. The ball slightly deviated from the target. Every shot of the Japanese team was very threatening.

In the 82nd minute, the Chinese team got a free kick on the left side of the forbidden area. Jiang Zhipeng sent the ball to the back point, and Yu Dabao's fight for the top ferry led to confusion in front of the Japanese team. Dong Xuesheng failed to form a shot in the confusion. Finally, Tan long's low shot only slightly deviated from the target, but the Chinese team still could not get a face saving goal.

In the 90th minute, Cao Fuding gave the ball to Jin Jingdao on the right. After adjustment, Jin Jingdao picked the ball to the front of the door. Dong Xuesheng rushed to the top. Although Nakamura hit the ball, the ball still hit the inside of the column and penetrated into the net. The Chinese team pulled back one goal, one-two.

However, in stoppage time, the Chinese team failed to score the equalizing goal and lost 1-2 in the end.

Data analysis

The control rate of the two teams is almost the same, and the number of shots is also 6, the goal is 2, but the Japanese team all converted into goals, the Chinese team only rely on Dong Xuesheng to score the face saving goal. In addition, the two teams each hit the doorpost once, and the Japanese team had more fouls. However, only looking at the data, can not reflect the gap between the two teams on the field.

Post game voice

Li Tie: I think the players are very hard working. They are all in accordance with the requirements of our coach. We have also kicked out our basic ideas, but we are still a little unfamiliar with cooperation and are not confident in controlling the ball. Hopefully we can play better and better in the next game.

Lineup of national football selection team

Goalkeeper: 1 - Liu Dianzuo;

Guards: 11 - Jiang Zhipeng (31 & amp; yellow card), 3 - Mei fang (27 & amp; yellow card), 2 - Li Ang (22 - Yu Dabao in the 70th minute), 15 - tomorrow (77 & amp; yellow card);

Midfield: 21 Wang Shangyuan (67th minute, 20 Li Xing), 10 Zhang Xizhe, 17 Jin Jingdao;

Forwards: 8-tan long, 9-dong Xuesheng, 7-feng Jin (16-cao Fuding in the 59th minute)????

Japan's lineup

Goalkeeper: 1 - Nakamura aviation assistant;

Guard: 4-kawakami, 5-mitsuzuki (23 & rsquo; yellow card), 19 Sasaki;

Midfield: 22 hashoka Dashu (84th minute: 16: Mr. Ma Yongji), 7-sato nishita, 8-inoue koutake, 14-morishima, 18-hashimoto boxer, 9-suzuki Musashi (72nd minute, 11-hideki Tanaka);

Forward: 13 - Yoshi Ueda