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Apple pushes IOS 13.3 update to automatically identify spam

Original title: Apple's biggest surprise with IOS 13.3 reported on the morning of December 11 that Apple pushed the official version of IOS 13.3 to users in the early morning of this year. In addition to fixing the bugs in the previous version, for Chinese users, the most obvious change of this new version is to filter the spam information of IMessage.

In terms of version number, IOS 13.3 is a more important update. Before that, four versions of IOS 13.3 have been released, and the official version is finally online today. Along with it are iPad OS 13.3 for iPad tablets and IOS 12.4.4 for older devices that can't run IOS 13.3.

System detail improvement and bug fix

IOS 13.3 fixes bugs in previous versions and continues to add some of the features that Apple initially promised to provide. Let's take a look at some of the features that users can perceive.

Communication restrictions, which allow parents to control who their children reach through FaceTime, phones, messages, and icloud. However, whether or not limited by communication, emergency calls can be made or made. Apple hopes to use this to ensure children's safety and not be delayed by communication restrictions in case of emergency.

IOS 13.3 and iPad OS 13.3 updates support hardware security key support in the form of NFC, USB and lightning fido2. This means that iPhones and iPads can support physical security keys (such as bank u-shields or some company's encryption disks) in order to allow mobile phones and tablets to use more secure physical authentication than software alone.

When editing a video, you can save the edited version as a new video instead of replacing the original video directly.

There are also subtle changes that are less noticeable, such as the apple watch app icon, the color of the digital crown changing from black to gray.

'China special offer': IMessage spam filtering

The new filtering function of IMessage spam information has not been mentioned before in the test version, so Chinese users should pay more attention to this function. As we all know, many criminals will send spam information or information containing fraud content in batches after obtaining user information, which causes great trouble to users. Previously, some media reported that there is a mature industrial chain behind the overflow of IMessage spam information. Not only are businesses selling IMessage mass sending devices and sending IMessage spam messages, but users' Apple ID is suspected to be leaked and sold.

The IOS 13.3 update aims to reduce the amount of IMessage spam that Chinese users receive. The change is only applicable to users who register IMessage information with China area code + 86 or Apple ID in China. It can be said that "China special supply" is the problem that Apple engineering team is working to solve.

Implementation of IOS 13.3, specific changes include:

1) Inboxes grouping

Turn on the information function to see this change. This interface is a bit like email. Messages are divided into several categories: all messages; known senders (that is, people who have saved their phone calls or contacts); and people who are not in the address book (people who have not saved their contact information or responded).

2) New spam inboxes

It is similar to the spam box of the email system, but it is not placed under the message function alone. Click the bottom "message" setting to enter this junk box.

What kind of information goes into this junk box?

A IMessage sent to you by an Apple ID that is not in the address book or the user has not replied to;

B previously sent messages to the recipient, but the recipient has deleted the IMessage messages sent by the users (i.e. those who have rejected them); these two kinds of spam messages are common in Macao casinos.

In order to prevent misjudgment, in the above cases, the sender will receive a prompt to inform them that the recipient may not have seen the message. This is to prevent normal information from being intercepted by misjudgment. Apple has made a separate description page about how to deal with normal information transmission if it encounters this situation.

There is no way to assert the filtering effect yet, we will get more validation after using it for a while.

We believe that there is no technology that can block spam 100% at a time, and the best way to reduce it is to continuously optimize the filtering to make the algorithm more accurate. Apple's improvements to China's special situation can minimize spam, which shows that the company attaches great importance to this problem.

Attached, the official update description of IOS 13.3

IOS 13.3 includes improvements and bug fixes, and adds more parental controls to 'screen usage time'.

Screen usage time

The new parental controls provide more communication restrictions to limit who children can contact by phone, FaceTime, or info

Parents can manage the contacts displayed on their children's devices through their children's contact list

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This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements:

You can create a new video clip when you crop a video in 'photos'

Security key support for NFC, USB and lightning fido2 is added in Safari browser

Fixed a problem where 'mail' might not be able to download new messages

Solved the problem that Gmail account couldn't delete mail

Fixed problems that could cause messages in exchange accounts to display wrong characters and send messages repeatedly

Fixed a problem where the cursor might not move after long pressing the space bar

The problem of blurring the screen capture sent by 'message' is solved

Solved the problem that screenshots after clipping or using 'tag' may not be stored in 'photos'

Fixed a problem where voice memo recordings might not be shared with other audio apps

Solved the problem that the missed call flag of the 'phone' app may not be cleared

Solves the problem that the 'cellular data' setting may be incorrectly displayed as off

Fixed 'dark' mode cannot be turned off when 'smart reverse' is enabled

The charging speed of some wireless chargers may be slower than expected