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Finland to welcome 34 year old prime minister, youngest woman prime minister in the world

Original title: Finland will welcome 34 year old Prime Minister Malin will become the youngest prime minister in Finnish history reported on the 8th local time, the five party coalition government led by the Finnish Social Democratic Party announced the selection of transportation minister Sanna Marin as Finland's new prime minister. Marlin will be the youngest prime minister in Finland's history.

According to Reuters, the 34 year old Malin will take office in the next few days, when she will become the youngest current prime minister in the world. "We still have a lot to do to rebuild trust," Marin said after winning the party vote by a narrow margin. Antti lindtman, head of the party's parliamentary group, followed.

Marlin became president of Tampere City Council at the age of 27, and since then she has risen rapidly in politics. Former Prime Minister Lynne resigned on the 3rd after a political party in the coalition government, the 'middle party', said it had lost confidence in him after he dealt with the postal strike. As chairman of Finland's Social Democratic Party, Lin Nai has been prime minister for only six months.

The timing for a change of leadership is a bit awkward for Finland. Finland is the EU's rotating presidency, which will last until the end of this year and plays a central role in the formulation of the EU's new budget.

In September, Finland post announced a pay cut for more than 700 parcel sorting workers. Since November 11, Finnish Postal Union began to hold a large-scale strike involving nearly 10000 people, and triggered a wave of supportive strikes among workers in other industries. After more than two weeks of difficult labor and capital negotiations, the strike ended in compromise by the management.

Since then, the opposition parties have called for the resignation of the premier on the ground of ineffective handling of labor disputes in state-owned enterprises. On December 2, the middle party, one of the cabinet's cooperative parties, also publicly said that it had lost trust in Lin.