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Luo Yonghao supports iFLYTEK: let's cooperate with iFLYTEK voice as soon as possible!

On October 31, Luo Yonghao, after seeing hammer technology released a new mobile phone after "giving up", expressed his "inner thoughts" in the words of "solidarity with iFLYTEK and cooperation with iFLYTEK as soon as possible".

In October 2016, hammer launched two new products, smartisan M1 / M1L. IFLYTEK voice provided them with the technology, and impressed everyone with the high accuracy on site. Although it is not 100% correct, Lao Luo still touts it as "no wrong words". Overnight, iFLYTEK's voice input method was achieved with a big bang.

However, in November 2018, hammer technology released a smart speaker 'David Sheryl' D1 made by partners and designed by hammer in Chengdu. The 899 yuan smart speaker relies on voice technology, but does not choose to cooperate with iFLYTEK, but chooses' Orion voice OS' (developed by cheetah star under cheetah mobile).

In 2019, a user named @ Beiming chenghaisheng said on his microblog that he met Luo Yonghao by chance, saying that "it's really a stain on life that he didn't smoke Lao Luo". Later people learned that this was Liu Peng, vice president of iFLYTEK.

Some people speculated that iFLYTEK had been quarreling with hammer during that period. Many people thought that Lao Luo's arrogance and arrogance were the situation that helped to separate the two enterprises.

On October 30, hammer technology set up the billboard of the conference at Beijing University of Technology

On October 31, hammer technology, which found a new owner, launched the nut Pro 3. At the conference, the new functions of Pro 3 were highly praised by netizens. After the conference, the first batch of nut mobile phones sold out instantly.

At the same time, laoluo, who once pledged his equity, has gradually separated from the company, and the hammer represented by laoluo no longer seems to have any disputes with iFLYTEK. According to the insiders, at least in the field of voice technology, iFLYTEK has reserved enough technical strength and application experience, and has the ability to provide other domestic manufacturers with powerful technical interfaces with the highest recognition rate.