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Shenhua Football Association Cup wins the championship in 3 years

Original title: Shenhua Football Association Cup won, twice in three years

Sihai net news 60 minutes, Jin Xinyu push shot for Shenhua goal.

In the 2019 season, the last honor in Chinese football has finally found its owner.

Shanghai Greenland Shenhua defeated Shandong Luneng 3-0 at home to win this season's FA Cup title after losing 0-1 in the first leg at Shanghai Hongkou Football Field on the evening of 6th!

This is Shenhua's second FA Cup champion in three years, while Luneng has fallen to the final stage for two consecutive years & hellip; & hellip;

The first leg home 1-0 score, coupled with the natural advantage of strength, Shandong Luneng is undoubtedly the hot spot to win the two rounds of the FA Cup.

Of course, in the final stage, sometimes the so-called strength gap is not the key factor to determine the championship.

At least that's what Shenhua captain Moreno thinks - this is the third FA Cup final that Moreno has participated in in in the last five years

In 2015 season, Shenhua and Jiangsu Shuntian competed in two rounds. At that time, the outside world thought that Shenhua, with denbaba, Cahill and Moreno, was the hot team to win the championship. However, the final result was that the two sides failed to meet each other within 180 minutes, and in the overtime, Samir, the midfield of Shuntian, scored a final, which made Shenhua lose the championship at home.

In the final of the Football Association Cup in 2017, the strength gap between Shenhua and Shanghong Kong was bigger, but Shenhua finally won the championship trophy in Shanghai Stadium by virtue of the advantage of scoring a lot of goals away from home.

'I've learned over the years that nothing is meant to be. The experience of the first two finals tells us that the competition still depends on everyone's hard work. '

To the delight of Shenhua fans, Moreno announced to renew his contract with Shenhua club before the match, which will also be the eighth year of Colombian in Shenhua.

All out, the best lineup from both sides

In the second round of the final, which directly decides the champion, both sides sent out the strongest lineup.

Cui Kangxi sent out a very aggressive start: Shenhua goalkeeper Li Shuai, Li Yunqiu, Zhu chenjie, Bi Jinhao and Bai Jiajun formed a four back guard; Qian jiegei and Peng Xinli played at the back, and the four attackers were Cao Yunding, Moreno, Sala and Jin Xinyu, and yihalo was on standby.

Luneng goalkeeper Wang Dalei, Zhang Chi, Dai Lin, Zheng Zheng and Liu Yang form four guards. In the third middle field, Hao Junmin is the team leader, two foreign aid Felini and moyces are the partners, and the three attackers are Wu Xinghan, Jin Jingdao and pelai.

Due to the 1-0 lead in the first round, Luneng's lineup is relatively more balanced.

In the first half, both sides quickly entered the rhythm of the game, and the intensity of the confrontation was very high. However, despite the fierce competition, the two teams were unable to complete the goal. After half-time, Shenhua home 0-0 Luneng.

About 60 minutes after the second half, Jin Xinyu broke into the forbidden area with the ball, and Maurice cut the ball behind his back. Whether the ball should be awarded a penalty has aroused controversy between the two teams. After the video referee's judgment, the referee finally decided that there was no foul and called a corner kick.

With this corner kick, Shenhua continued to create a threat in the front court, and Jin Xinyu pushed a shot in front of the goal, and both sides drew 1-1.

After that, Shenhua completely controlled the competition situation, continued to put pressure on Luneng, and finally relied on sharavi's counterattack and Qian Jie's world wave to help the team lock in the 3-0 victory.

This weekend, Shanghai has undoubtedly become the center of Chinese football.

On the evening of 6, as the end of China's football game this year, the second round of the FA Cup final will be held in Hongkou football stadium. The award ceremony for the Super League will be held in Shanghai center in 24 hours.

The Chinese Football Association attaches great importance to the championship competition of the Football Association Cup. Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Football Association, and Liu Yi, Secretary General of the Chinese Football Association, all went to the scene to watch the match. The Chinese Football Association also invited the heads of the Chinese Super League clubs to watch the match. On the afternoon of the match, representatives of many clubs also arrived in Shanghai by plane.

The referee lineup is even more powerful - British referee klattenberg is in charge of the game, and the video referee is Ma riqi, both of whom are new professional referees launched by the Chinese Football Association this season; the assistant video referee is Zhang Lei, who was the golden whistle of the Chinese Super League last season.

Such a high standard of referee team configuration, we can also see that the Chinese Football Association attaches great importance to the game.

In terms of tickets, it was hard to get tickets two weeks before the game. According to Shenhua club, each player bought dozens of tickets ranging from 380 yuan to 680 yuan from his own pocket to give them to relatives and friends.

The final result will certainly satisfy Shenhua fans and players' families.

On the morning of December 6, the 'Yanjing Beer 2019 CFA Cup final - seed plan into campus activity' was held in Shanghai Minhang experimental primary school.

In addition to continuing to provide football and training equipment for children, this public welfare activity also invited professional football youth training institutions to carry out special football tests for children. Thirty five small players from five primary schools, including Shanghai Minhang experimental primary school, Shangxi primary school, Bijiang primary school, Huning primary school and Wenxin primary school, participated in the test. Eight of the children with better test scores entered the final of the Football Association Cup as hand-in-hand caddies. One of the best was given the chance to hold the ball in the final to cheer for the Football Association Cup.

The public welfare activity of 'seed plan into campus' specially invited the players' representatives of Yanjing Beer 2019 China Football Association Cup black horse award, including this season's Football Association Cup black horse gold award Shanghai Shenxin Xu Junmin, black horse Yongyi award Taizhou Yuanda Jiang Ning and black horse hope award Shanghai Jiading city hair Xu Bin to interact with children.

In 2014, under the joint initiative of China Football Association Cup and its named sponsor Yanjing Beer, the 'seed plan' of the Football Association Cup was officially launched. Each game donated 100 football balls to five key football schools in the main competition area. In the past six years, 42700 football balls have been donated, benefiting 2080 schools in 43 cities in China. With the continuous development of seed program activities, the football like a vigorous seed in the warm soil of schools all over the country, rooting, blooming and fruiting, more children enjoy the happiness brought by football.