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World Club Cup Tianjin Women's volleyball team bottom coach admits there is a gap with the world's t

Original title: World Club Cup Tianjin Women's volleyball team bottom, Evergrande wins seventh news: the women's Volleyball World Club Cup in 2019 continues to be held in Shaoxing. Two Chinese volleyball Super League teams compete for the seventh place. In the absence of Zhu Ting due to injury, Tianjin is still unable to get rid of the downturn. In the face of Guangdong Evergrande being swept 0-3, the scores are 26-28, 20-25 and 21-25.

Both Tianjin and Guangdong Evergrande were 1-2 in the group competition, ranking the third and missing the semi-final. In the cross match of 5-8 places, Tianjin was swept 0-3 by Minas, Guangdong Evergrande 0-3 was blocked by the beach team, and the top two volleyball teams were defeated by both Brazil's top two teams, so they could only compete for the seventh and eighth place of this world Club Cup.

Zhu Ting of Tianjin team continued to be absent due to injury. The main attack was Yu Weiwei and Li Yingying, and the second attack was Wang Yuanyuan and Yuan Xinyue, who was the first to receive Hukel (USA), Yao Di, the second setter, and Liu Liwen and Mencius Xuan; Guangdong Evergrande launched its first attack with labadeyeva (Bulgaria) and Du Qingqing, with secondary attacks of Yang Hanyu and Zhang Fengmei, to meet Chen Peiyan, second setter Mei Xiaohan and free agent Wang min.

In the first game, Tianjin team took the lead, and Yuan Xinyue hit the fast attack, Li YingYing and Hukel hit back successfully, and Tianjin team took the lead of 8-4 and entered the first technical pause. Entering the middle game stage, Yuan Xinyue and Li Yingying attack stability, Tianjin team in the second technical pause to open the score to 16-11. Henceforth, Evergrande's serve was successful, and it reached 22 even by limiting Wei's attack. Both sides glued to 26, Mei Xiaohan's second attack and Du Qingqing's counterattack were successful. Tianjin team lost one game 26-28.

In the second inning, Tianjin team replaced Li Yingying, and Wang Yizhu and Yu Weiwei were the partners to attack. Their first pass was unstable and the attack was blocked. The two technical pauses were 5-8 and 12-16, respectively. Evergrande took the lead all the way. Wang Yuanyuan made a mistake in serving, and Li Yao attacked to lock in the winning game. Tianjin team lost another set 20-25.

In the third round, Tianjin team continued to adjust its lineup, with Li Yanan and Wang Yuanyuan as the secondary attack partner, while Evergrande replaced Du Qingqing with Li Yao. After a 0-2 start in Tianjin, Chen Xintong, the second setter, lost 3 points after 4-level. Since then, he has been very passive, falling 4-8 and 11-16 respectively in the two technical pauses. Although the block was improved to 16-18, the Tianjin team was still unable to limit Li Yao's breakthrough, losing 3 points 16-21. At the end of the game, Tianjin team was close to 21-23. After that, Chen Peiyan's smashing was successful. Wang Yizhu broke the line and Tianjin team lost another set with 21-25. In the end, the team lost 0-3 to Evergrande, and Evergrande ranked seventh.