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The Lakers beat Blazer James and played dead after scoring

Original title: NBA review: the Lakers beat the Blazers warriors, narrowly beat the bulls, ending four consecutive losses

Four seas network news Beijing time 7, the NBA held a number of regular season competition, in which the Lakers doubles Davis and James scored 70 points to help the team win the Blazers. The warriors narrowly beat the bulls by two points, ending their fourth consecutive defeat.

The Trail Blazers took the lead in the first quarter of the home game against the Lakers. The Blazers took the lead in the first quarter by scoring in the interior line, while the Blazers took the lead in the next 8-0 rally led by Anthony. Since then, the scores have risen alternately. At the end of the festival, the Lakers still lead the Blazers by 5 points with a wave of 8:0 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Lakers used a wave of 15:0 to expand the difference to 19 points, and the Blazers closed the score with a wave of 8:0. However, the Lakers played 3 + 1 by Davis and responded in a row with multiple blooms. In the first half, the Lakers led the Blazers 77-62.

At the beginning of the second half, Lillard led the team to launch a counterattack, but James scored three points to suppress the opponent's momentum of chasing points. Davis scored 12 points in combination with inside and outside to help the Lakers continue to maintain a big lead. At the end of the game, the Lakers continued to take the initiative, and the Blazers were hard to catch up with the score. The game lost suspense, and the Lakers defeated the Blazers 136-113. James had 31 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists and Davis had 39 points and 9 rebounds.

In the first quarter, Russell hit two three points in a row. The warriors made a good start of 6:2, but markanin even got 4 points to bite the score. After the first quarter, the Bulls led the warriors 28-23. In the second quarter, Bauman and Speer United played a 11-0 counterattack. Malkanin scored 8 points in a row to stabilize the situation. After the half-time battle, the Bulls led the warriors 51-50.

Yi Bian fight again, raven led the bulls to play a 7:0 expansion lead, and then Coley Stan played under the basket to help the warriors chase points. After three quarters, the Bulls led the warriors by 83:77. At the end of the game, substitute Chris became a wonder, and he scored 5 points in a row to help the warriors smooth the score difference. Robinson scored two points in the decisive moment, and Raven's three-point shot failed to hit. In the end, the warriors won 100:98 away from the bulls, ending four consecutive losses.

In other games, pistons 108:101 Pacers, Hornets 104:111 nets, Cavaliers 87:93 magic, thunder 139:127 Timberwolves, heat 112:103 wizards, Celtics 108:95 nuggets, Bucks 119:91 clippers, spurs 105:104 kings. (end)