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3-year-old girl spends 10 Audi cars, parents pay for bear child's mistake

Original title: girl spends 10 Audi new cars and is awarded 70000 compensation on November 24, Zhao and his wife took their 3-year-old daughter to accompany their friends to a car sales company in Guilin.

During this period, the daughter took advantage of adults' inattention, and scratched 10 Audi cars with small stones, causing more than 10 scratches, including a Q8 with nearly one million yuan.

Because Audi new car can't accept painting to repair the scratch, the store claimed 200000 yuan compensation, but the girl's parents can't accept it.

After the incident, the two sides had differences in the process of mediation, and eventually the dispute was appealed to the people's Court of Lingui District, Guilin city.

The store claimed a compensation of 200000 yuan and explained that it was only a tentative price, and the specific loss was subject to the assessment.

The store also said that as a new car, Audi can't accept painting to repair scratches. Once the car is sold to consumers as a new car, consumers can judge it as a 4S shop fraud and get three times the compensation. Therefore, the scratched car can only be sold at a reduced price.

As for the huge compensation of 200000 yuan, Zhao and his wife said it was difficult to accept.

In December 3rd, after the mediation of the people's Court of Lingui District of Guilin City, the two sides voluntarily waived the assessment of the losses. The couple paid a one-time compensation of 70 thousand yuan to the car sales company on the spot.

Zhao and his wife said that they should learn from the lessons and should not relax their vigilance when taking their children out.

The judge also reminded that "the child is still young" and "he is not sensible" and other reasons are not excuses for parents to evade legal responsibilities. When going out, we should strengthen the management and protection of children. In the normal family education, we should guide the children to take good care of their property and avoid "rowing" again.