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A 17 ton truck driver dodged a truck carrying milk

Original title: a 17 ton milk truck in Japan turns white

On the morning of 6 June local time, a truck carrying 17 tons of raw milk overturned in danboxiaoshan City, Hyogo County, Japan. The milk on the truck flowed into the nearby fujisakawa through an agricultural canal, dyeing the river milky white.

The Fire Department of danboxiaoshan city received a notice at about 5 am that morning and went to the scene to confirm the accident and investigate the water pollution, Kobe News reported on the 6th. As part of the gasoline also flowed into the river, the city staff used tools for decontamination.

As for raw milk flowing into the river, the city said it should not be directly harmful to human body and will confirm whether it will have an impact on the ecological environment. The driver of the truck, in his 50s, said he overturned to avoid deer crossing the road. He was later taken to a nearby hospital and confirmed not to have been injured.

The Milky way also opened up a mode of Tucao for Japanese netizens. Some netizens said that this is the real'milk way'(milk way has the meaning of Galaxy), and netizens say that although it is not harmful, it should be very delicious. Some netizens make complaints about the cows who do not obey the traffic rules.