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Take over the daughter's social account and become an Internet celebrity

Original title: take over the daughter's social account and become an Internet celebrity

According to Taiwan United News Network reported on the 4th, a Texas parents decided to give their daughter a little punishment after learning that madelynn, a 15-year-old daughter, sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night to attend a party. They decided to confiscate her mobile phone for a month or two weeks, but they could use her social media. Madeleine chose the latter.

However, Madeleine didn't expect that her father began to upload a series of 'alternative self portraits', and got a lot of attention and praise, and embarked on the road of' Internet celebrity '.

After Madeleine's father, Larry Sumpter, took over his daughter's instgram, he began to learn to post like a teenager, such as lying in bed and taking a self portrait, and writing, "it's so cute, it may be deleted in the future," or wearing a wig, wearing a short board jacket, imitating a girl's photo, and perfectly interpreting the appearance of young people.

On the first day after her father took over instgram, Madeleine regretted her decision and hoped to ban the mobile phone for a month. However, the naughty father said, "no, I'm too involved. I have a lot of things I want to release, and we will continue for two weeks. 'mother tawnya said, 'Larry is totally addicted to play. '

Interestingly, after her father took over her daughter's social media account, many Madeleine's classmates were looking forward to updating them every day, and even attracted the attention of netizens, which was even more popular than Madeline's own management.

This alternative and interesting punishment attracts many netizens to leave messages. Some netizens said, "it's a good little punishment, and it's impressive. Another netizen said, "as a father, I can't tell you how much I love this idea. '