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Spend 23 years to make a miniature of Chang'an City

Original title: experts in folk 82 year old people spent 23 years building miniature Chang'an City

Liang Dehuahua, 82, made a miniature model of Chang'an City in 23 years. The whole Chang'an city model has 44 square meters, including 18 gates, 70 gate holes, etc., with a total of 100000 parts, without using a nail or a drop of glue. The wife said that even in the five years when the stroke was inconvenient, the husband insisted on making.

In 1966, Liang Dehuai was demobilized from the army to the ancient construction company and became a carpenter. Later, he came into contact with the repair work of ancient buildings.

According to Liang Dehuai's wife, "he has loved this since he was a child. According to reason, he went to school in the army, which was not in line with this. He was a logistics officer of the air force and engaged in meteorology. He felt that the ancient buildings and mortise and tenon structure were interesting, so he began to do it little by little. '

Liang Dehuai retired in 1990 and began to build a miniature 'Chang'an City'. In order to observe the city wall, he walked around it.

"After the city gate is finished, I want to build the city wall. After the wall is finished, I want to make the city tower, and then there is the horse face of the city," said Peng Dehuai.

From the beginning to the completion, Liang Dehuai spent 23 years. The whole work was composed of 100000 parts, without a nail and a drop of glue.

Now, Liang Dehuai is in a wheelchair. He is struggling with walking and speaking, but he still refuses to stop writing. "You have to do it all your life," Liang Dehuai once told his wife.