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It cost 40000 yuan to build snow slide and snow machine in kindergarten

Shenyang big age children's artificial Road?

Four seas network news in winter play snow, skiing is a lot of people's fun, especially children love to play snow. Recently, a kindergarten in Shenyang has become a "net red" because it has built ice and snow slides for children.

The video shows that the kindergarten built an ice slide, and the children had a good time. Ms. Yu, the head of the garden, said that because there was not much snow in Shenyang in recent years, she wanted to let the children feel the joy of winter. She spent 40000 yuan to buy a snow maker in Harbin. After a night of snow making and building, the "ice and snow world" was completed.

Some netizens joked: "do you accept older children? 300 months of age?".

Northeast China has a high penetration rate, and the first tier cities prefer ice snow tourism

According to the analysis of prospective industry research institute, ice and snow resources in China are mainly concentrated in the Northeast alpine region, especially in the northern region represented by the three northeast provinces, which is the key area for the development of China's ice and snow industry. According to the statistics of Tencent's DMP platform, ice and snow people are higher in Northeast China and other regions with rich ice and snow resources, and ice and snow sports are also more popular in northern regions; people in first tier cities prefer ice and snow tourism, and Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other first tier cities rank top.

With the continuous development of China's ice and snow industry, the construction of ice and snow sports infrastructure is gradually improved. In 2018, there are 742 skiing venues in China, which are distributed in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Among them, the top five provinces in the number of ski resorts are Heilongjiang, Shandong, Xinjiang, Hebei and Shanxi; Heilongjiang has the largest number of ski resorts, and is also the only province with more than 100 ski resorts in China; the province with the largest number of new ski resorts in 2018 is Inner Mongolia, 5 more than that in 2017.