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Station B releases top 10 barrage hot words in 2019

Original title: station B releases the 2019 barrage, and 'awsl' has been sent three million times on December 4, BiliBili (hereinafter referred to as "station B") released the 2019 annual Barrage - "awsl.". This is also the third year for station B to carry out the annual barrage inventory. In addition, "tear eyes", "famous scene", "wonderful ah", "shrimp catcher", "welcome home" and other bullet screens were also selected as the top ten hot words of this year.

In the past decade, barrage has not only become an important interactive way of station B community, but also become a unique symbol to record the changes of young groups and times. With the continuous growth of users and content, in the past year, users of station B sent more than 1.4 billion barrages, including 3296443 times of annual barrage 'awsl'.

Behind the popularity of 'awsl' abbreviations is the emotional resonance of young people

This is a time when abbreviations are invented. 'awsl' is the acronym for 'ah, I'm dead'. The concise 'awsl' expresses the emotional experience of young people being hit hard when they are faced with their favorite content.

As for the popularity of 'awsl', Gao Hanning, a postdoctoral fellow in the Institute of literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the root of the popularity lies in the fact that 'awsl' not only has the characteristics of displaying youth culture, but also conforms to certain media attributes.

"Awsl, as a high-frequency vocabulary used by young people, is the result of a certain fixed ideographic demand changing among young people." Gao Hanning said, "and the Pinyin acronym of catchwords has always been a high-frequency vocabulary in bullet screen video websites. It matches the characteristics of barrage culture, such as timeliness, impromptu release and short stay time. '

This time, station B also released the video content of "awsl" barrage in dance, life, documentary and other major divisions. In the smoky documentary "a string of life", people can't help but feel the emotion of "awsl". From the magic dance adapted from animation to the innocent panda, even in the magic castle of "little magic fairy", there are "awsl" out of love.

Interesting interpretation shows community creativity, annual barrage becomes a cultural symbol

Based on the abbreviation, "awsl" bullet screen also derived various happy interpretations of brain opening, such as "Ah Wei died", "ah I was born", "Ah Wei is thin", "ah I am a donkey". According to Xue Jing, an assistant researcher at the school of Journalism and communication at Tsinghua University, the interesting interpretation of "awsl" is a concentrated expression of the creativity of young users of station B.

Ah Wei, born out of thin air, has inspired everyone's imagination, allowing users to shuttle through bullet screens in different time and space to stage small theatres of "parting in life and death". The change of subject makes the meaning of & lsquo; death & amp; behind the awsl barrage change from a self-evident one to & lsquo; a-wei & amp; born out of thin air, making people regain the ease of using language and exaggerating rhetoric. It not only shows that the network vocabulary is flexible and vivid, but also reflects the vitality of young people's language itself. 'said Xue Jing.

In 2017, station B announced the annual barrage for the first time. In 2018, 'authenticity' became the annual barrage word. The annual barrage of station B has gradually become an important symbol to reflect the popular culture of young Chinese groups.