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Tencent introduces Nintendo switch, which will be put on sale on December 10

On December 4, Tencent and Nintendo announced today that Tencent introduced Nintendo switch, which will be officially launched on December 10. The Nintendo switch of the Bank of China is an enhanced version of endurance and pre installed with the experience version of the new super horsepower European brothers u luxury version. The official suggested retail price is 2099 yuan. The pre-sale will be opened at the official flagship stores of Jingdong and tmall at 12:00 noon on December 4. Tencent also said the introduction of Nintendo switch Lite is in preparation.

In terms of the game lineup, the first to arrive is the New Super Mario Brothers u luxury edition. The official retail price is 299 yuan. It will be officially put on sale in nintendoe store on December 10. The game exchange card will be on sale later, and the physical game card tape will be on sale around the Spring Festival next year. "Horse power Odyssey 8 luxury edition" and "super horsepower Odyssey" will be launched in the coming weeks, and the official retail price is 299 yuan.

In addition, Mario tennis aces, SUPERMARIO party, Kirby star allies, Yoshi & amp; scrafted world, and Pok & eacute; monlet & amp; SGO! Pikachu/PokémonLet’sGo! Eeeve and the legend of Zelda: breath of the wild are also in active preparation.

In addition to Nintendo's games, Qian Geng, general manager of Tencent's Nintendo Cooperation Department, said that there are also famous overseas game manufacturers, Chinese game developers and distributors who will provide game content support for BOC Nintendo switch in the future, which will enrich the game lineup of BOC Nintendo switch and provide consumers with more choices.

It is reported that the Nintendo switch of BOC has three play modes, namely TV mode, handheld mode and desktop mode.

In terms of network services, users can enjoy a more convenient and smooth game experience through the localized network services set up by Tencent. With Nintendo's support, Tencent has also optimized Nintendo switch's built-in 'Nintendo store' to allow users to purchase their favorite games through wechat payment.

In terms of after-sales service, Tencent and Nintendo promise to provide users with convenient after-sales experience. With Nintendo's technical support, the Nintendo switch host of BOC can get one-year official warranty service provided by Tencent, and Nintendo's rich official peripheral products will also enjoy the corresponding three guarantees service.

Tencent will also set up offline purchasing channels and user exchange centers, so that users can easily experience products and games online.

In terms of official accessories, in addition to a pair of joy con provided by the host, users can also buy more joy con to experience the fun of playing with more people on the same screen. Joy con charging grip can realize the function of charging while playing. The professional handle of Nintendo switch provides a comfortable handle for a long time, which is more in line with the usage habits of users who are familiar with the traditional handle.

When playing racing games such as "malio kart 8 luxury edition", by putting joy con into joy con steering wheel accessories, it can bring users a more intuitive control experience. A combination of two joy con steering wheels is also convenient for you to share this experience with your family and friends.

In addition, the amibo wedding styling series is under active preparation, and the three amibo models are supported for use in the super horsepower Odyssey and the horsepower Odyssey 8 luxury edition. In super horsepower Odyssey, you can get wedding dress in the game by using the wedding style amibo, and you can also get help on the journey; you can get the corresponding 'MII match suit' by using the wedding style amibo in the horse power Odyssey 8 luxury edition?.