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The technique profession has specialized! Ding Xiangyuan: it's still a disease. Don't listen to Luo

Luo Yonghao, who had long been absent for a long time, returned to the central stage of the press conference last night in the name of 'the old man and the sea'. He formally introduced the sharklet antibacterial material, and hoped to win the favor of partners and let the technology benefit mankind.

Luo Yonghao carefully explained the advantages of sharklet antibacterial materials, saying that sharklet antibacterial materials can effectively reduce bacteria by 95% without killing bacteria.

However, there are specialties in the industry.

After the press conference, medical website Ding Xiangyuan released a piece called "backpacks made of antibacterial materials, won't they be infected with diseases?"? There may be some misunderstandings about bacteria & hellip;, which clearly points out the limitations of antibacterial materials.

Ding Xiangyuan said that bacteriostasis is not equal to asepsis. Bacteriostasis is only to use chemical or physical methods to propagate bacteria and their Mars, and sterilization can eliminate all microorganisms on the media.

At the same time, dingxiangyuan has also become popular. Microorganisms are not only transmitted by contact, but also by other means such as droplet transmission, direct transmission, air transmission, fecal oral transmission, carrier transmission, mother to child transmission, etc.

Moreover, in the field of medicine, although such materials have been widely used, they are all disposable, but in life, whether the repeated use of these materials will affect their functionality? How to avoid wear and tear? It has become a problem that must be paid attention to.

Ding Xiangyuan finally concluded: "even if the schoolbag made of antibacterial materials is used, if you really encounter pathogen infection, the disease will still get sick. If you are really sick, you should go to the hospital to see a doctor and follow the doctor's advice. Don't listen to people's nonsense