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Bucks Win 11 games in a row

Original title: bucks Win 11 games in a row

Four seas network news today bucks home victory Hornets ushered in 11 consecutive victories, letter brother all field 19 minutes contribution 26 points 9 rebounds 4 assists 1 steals, helps the team to establish the lead early and finally wins the game. Under the leadership of brother alphabet, the Bucks won 15-1 in November.

The bucks (17-3) won 11 games in a row, setting a team record, and the Hornets (8-13) won two games in a row. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Hornets player Graham gave a good data of the game, he handed over 24 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and made 10 of 18 shots in the sports war, and finally the Hornets lost 96-137.

This season, the Hornets are not a noticeable team, and the players in the team are naturally less enthusiastic. But in fact, Graham's progress is quite amazing. As a second year player born in the second round show, he has an average of 17.9 points per game this season, which is significantly higher than that of last season's 4.7 points. In addition, rebounds 3.5 and assists 7.6 are also greatly improved compared with last season. Obviously, the departure of the leading star Walker gives Graham an opportunity. If the pace continues, Graham will have a good chance to compete for the fastest growing player award this season.

This game, Graham also came up to create a strong sense of existence. In the first quarter, he repeatedly opened fire in the middle and long range, the sight was good, and the gap between the Hornets and the Hornets was not particularly big. In the second quarter, Graham still kept his own rhythm, the outer line was more and more far, even three points were scored near the paint area. However, the gap between the two teams in rotation was too big, and the difference was between the two teams in this section The Bucks keep growing.

In the first half, Graham had already scored 17 points, which is the most awesome force in the hornet's array. However, judging from the scene, the Hornets didn't have much morale in the second half. Although Graham was always an online player, it didn't help much. He broke through the basket with the ball. The layup technique was still very beautiful and the movement was smooth, but the game was developing towards the direction of garbage time.

At the end of the season, Graham and other main players continued to play on the field, while the bucks on the opposite side had already replaced the main players for a rest. Anyway, the data of Graham's game is worth seeing, but for him, it is really difficult for him to lead the team to win.