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Kylin 990 blessing! Huawei Nova 6 5g official plan: young people's first 5g flagship

On December 5, Huawei will hold a new product launch conference in Wuhan to officially launch Huawei Nova 6 series, a 5g trend flagship for young people.

With two days to go before the press conference, Huawei released a warm-up poster today, saying: "the dynamic blue, like the sea, contains infinite imagination. #Huawei nova6 series 5g new product launch, countdown 2 days! #Selfie is very different

The official map mainly conveys two important signals: 1. Huawei Nova 6 adopts the front double drilling scheme and continues to focus on self shooting; 2. It supports 5g network and will be equipped with Kirin 990 processor.

According to the previous understanding, Huawei Nova 6 series will adopt the front dual camera and the rear three camera for the first time, and provide a variety of fashionable color matching.

In terms of core configuration, geekbench score shows that Huawei Nova 6 series will be equipped with Kirin 990 processor and 8GB memory to run emui10 system. This is the first time that the Nova series uses Kirin 990 series chips, and it is also the first time to use this chip outside of mate series.

In addition to 5g, Huawei's Nova 6 series has three main selling points: 105 & deg; super wide angle selfie, 32 million front autofocus and 32 million portrait super night scene 2.0, which is suitable for young people who like to take selfies and punch in anytime and anywhere.

According to another source, Huawei nova6 5g can synchronize data in real time with 5g ultra-high speed transmission speed, so as to realize 'cloud game'. In other words, the game data will be automatically saved in the background, and players can skip the download, installation and update without waiting, and open and play immediately, so as to solve the pain points such as game delay, stuck and offline.

To sum up, Huawei Nova 6 is a 5g flagship machine for young people, with high appearance, good self portrait, and excellent 5g experience and performance. We are looking forward to the final price of the press conference on the 5th.