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The charging rules of didi Qingju bicycle: the starting price is increased from 1 yuan to 1.5 yuan

According to the news on December 2, Didi's official app page showed that the starting price of Qingju bicycle was increased from 1 yuan to 1.5 yuan, and the duration fee was 1.5 yuan per 30 minutes.

Green orange charging rules

In this regard, Didi customer service said that the new pricing rules will be implemented from November 26. From November 20 to 27, the price increase information was publicized on didi travel app and Qingju bicycle wechat app.

Before that, Moby bicycle also announced a price increase, and the car cost was composed of starting price and duration fee. If the starting price rises to 1.5 yuan, the duration fee will be 0.5 yuan per 15 minutes.